[Poetry] عھد نامہ

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  1. v nice…..i culdnt stop ma tears aftr readin ds poetry…

  2. Noor it is really very touching. Inshallah we will rebulid our paradise. May God help us

  3. Resilience and hope are so beautifully intertwined and displayed in this verse. Noor is a noor (beacon) in its true sense of the word, Inshallah we WILL succeed and build a even better future for our future generations. The Dame can erode our land but never our spirit and faith ,which is central to our future success. Historians will record our resilience and willpower in golden words. Noor and other writers like him deserve our appreciation and prayers. Well done NOOR – keep it up.

  4. Very neat Nur! I really love the attitude in your poetry. Keep it up!

    I think this disaster is an eye-opening for all of us. We have learnt a lot and hopefully use the bitter experiences in a positive way and rise better than before. INSHALLAH

  5. live 4 Gulmit. die 4 Gulmit. love u Gulmit Gojal.
    Insha’Allah we will rebuild our paradise.

  6. Very touching poetry, Khiryan, v are proud of u and our youth.

    I know we have such a nice bunch of youth charged with emotions, thoughts and will to build, and Insha Allah we will build it ourselves. All we need is to channelize our efforts and strengths towards a common goal. Lets re group, re visit our weaknesses, and correct where we are lacking. We must leave behind the dirty political thoughts which have divided our youth and have yielded nothing but divisions amongst us.

    Let’s turn this tragedy into an opportunity, eradicate the social evils that has been engulfing our youth for the last many years, follow the divine path and be strong in our faith, glue up together, include those who have legged behind, recall those who are lost in cities and rebuild our paradise once again with a much better and safer.

    I am sure if we re-group in a positive way, we will Insha Allah succeed in making our paradise alive once again.


  7. superb nd eloquent nur.With a very lovely channels uv made emotions, flownd create the much need spirit.
    yaqee nnan….tameer karayy gay…aur andar BHI jaye gy(dua padny))))

  8. Inspiring Noor Bhai, inshallah we will do it but it needs our unity… inshallah all of us aill be united for this cause…

  9. Dear Noor,
    Nicely expressed and inshallah we will stand side by side and build our sinking paradise.

    Aslam Ghalib

  10. What a great reflection of sentiments and expression of optimism through poetry. Keep it up!

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