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[GISAK Announcement] Gojal Educational Relief Fund

Gojal Ismailia Students Association Karachi (GISAK) held a meeting with directors of education at Gilgit Directorate. The following instructions, based on the meeting, are being shared for information of the students: 1. Duration of fee: As announced by the Government the duration of fee remission is January 2010 to December 2010...

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Jamat Dawa active in Hunza – Nagar despite of being a banned organization

PT Report Gilgit, June 7: The banned religious organization, Jamat Dawa, is actively working in Hunza despite of being on the list of officially banned organizations. Public circles have demanded action against the organization. “Writ of the government is not visible anywhere”, said a social activist who did not want...

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Latest image of the Hunza Lake spillway

According to latest information water level in the lake has decreased by 2-3 inches during the past 24 hours. The Outflow is reportedly slightly more than inflow, according to various sources.

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Destruction in Gojal

Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Captions: Nur

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Zil is back with a song on Attabad Disaster

Poetry: Aejaz Karim, Images: Pamir Times, Nrew, Reuters

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