Detailed and latest pictory on spillway of the Hunza Lake

A combo picture showing entire length of the spillway

Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan Captions: Nur

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  1. Very nice set of photos. Very informative.
    It is actually eroding fast… soil is not dense and it will not be able to hold for long.

  2. It is helpful to see detailed photos of the current state

    In photo sp1 it seems that there is a considerable drop from the lake level to this boulder at the present time such that I suspect it is not currently restricting the flow and will not unless/until the lake level comes down to the elevation of this boulder; mind you, it is just below what I see as the primary obstacle, a tabular underwater slab tilted to the right and downstream. Note that it has a recent fracture indicated by the crack showing the dirt on top. Additional evidence for water level at the boulder being significantly lower than the lake level is the current velocity at that point shown in the hunzaonline video.

    Photo sp16 is especially instructive in that it shows an enormous tabular slab apparently tens of metres wide and long. There are likely many more of these massive slabs in the streambed quite likely stacked upon one another — including one immediately below as we see a leveling of the water there before the flow steepens. The retrograde erosion seems to have halted at this suspected underwater slab. These massive slabs might mean that the lake level will remain constant for quite some time to come. Of course a seismic event could change things in the blink of an eye.

  3. Pamirtimes is doing great job, this is the only source for me to know about the lack situation and about Gojal. Keep it up guys……………. Bravooooo for your good work.

    Aktau KZ

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