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A new ghost political party, Gilgit-Baltistan National Congress, emerges at international stage

GENEVA, June 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — A conference on “Ground Reality in Gilgit-Baltistan” was held in the United Nations Geneva Room No. XXVII during the 14th Human Rights Council to address the issues and concerns of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, which is a region of Jammu & Kashmir under Pakistani occupation....

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The volunteers keep Hunza united

PT Report Islamabad, June 15: Thousands of volunteers, including men, women and children, rendered highly valuable services for the affected people of Shishkat, Ayeenabad and Gulmit, as the lake water kept wrecking havoc in the picturesque Gojal Valley. These volunteers help the affected people in dismantling houses and shifting of movable property to...

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Pakistan’s Hunza Valley: Another Paradise Lost?

by Professor Hermann Kreutzmann The new year in the Hunza valley began with a catastrophe. On January 4, a crack in the sloped terrain of Attaabad in the Upper Hunza valley widened and gravity took its toll: houses in the village collapsed. A major landslide caused a wave of dust...

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Protesters in Hunza demand widening of the spillway

By Zulfiqar Ali Khan HUNZA, June 14: Hundreds of stranded people from Gojal valley held a protest rally in Aliabad here on Monday seeking resumption of boat service to ferry them to their areas. They marched towards the Attabad disaster site and demanded resumption of the boat service. They returned back on the...

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Shimshal Lake news proven wrong

PT Report Islamabad, June 15: A national TV channel directly and indirectly misinformed millions by telecasting a false report about formation of a new lake in Shimshal Valley. The TV channel reported that the lake formation had posed great threat to 170 households in Shimshal Valley. According to information shared...

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