Day 2 of voluntary spillway widening, section 144 imposed in Hunza

PT Report

Gilgit, June 18: Early in the morning groups of people belonging to Shishkat, Ayeenabad and Gulmit reached barrier of the lake formed on Hunza River to resume widening of the spillway.

The police today did not allow the people from Aliabad to move towards the lake barrier, stopping them near Ganish bridge.

NDMA top officials visited the lake barrier and aerially inspected the laboring volunteers. According to unconfirmed reports a Lama chopper also landed near the lake barrier and the officials held discussions with the local people.

NDMA has reportedly assured the volunteers to set an expert panel for reassessment of the lake barrier to resume expansion of the spillway.  At assurance of the NDMA officials the volunteers have stopped the work and returned to their villages.

In the meanwhile BBC reports that boats used by the volunteers to reach the lake barrier from upstream areas have been confiscated by fresh contingents of police dispatched to Gulmit today. BBC quotes DC Hunza – Nagar as saying that the boats were illegally being used by the affected people. DC Taj has also been quoted as saying that the widening activity poses threat to life of the people.

The government has also imposed section 144 of the Pakistan Penal Code, baring people from organizing into groups of 5 and more.

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  1. The Last Option to the GOV>>>>>>> the public is free after that………………………

  2. Govt should lift section 144 immediately. This old and ill-used tactic of section 144 by the puppet administration at this point of time seems to be aimed at deflating and dispersing people power and refuting the democratic right to agitate from the citizens. Everyone of us in our individual and collective capacity(ies) should strongly condemn it.

  3. Now if we want to go ahead, then the only way is to come united and give hands in hands all people of Hunza from upper ,central and lower hunza . we are looking towards the people of central hunza that when they will come out from their shells , to give us strength and show their sympathy in real term ,
    We must united and I request all those who live in city of Pakistan they must go to Hunza , we need the youth of hunza in hunza , to told the world that we are the son of soil we know the protection of our paradise , ……………………

  4. Looks like the volunteer effort to widen the spilway has pushed the govt. and NDMA to consider using explosive towards this purpose. Good going self helping people of Hunza. You guys are an example worth following for the rest of the country.

  5. The lazy NDMA people are just making stories. They won’t take measures to remove the boulders in the spill way so as to help water flow out rapidly. They are bunch of idiots who care less about how lives of people are being affected. The current situation has a big social cost to which the incompetent government officials are ignoring. If they can’t help solve the problem then why don’t they let the villagers help themselves? And mind you! this NDMA thing and its ugly people will be responsible for any loss of life during the widening of spillway by villagers on help-yourself-basis! God bless Pakistan

  6. the only one way people of gojal and Hunza must do is not to take law and order situation in their hands because they awaited for long six months and suffered all the damages what they had to suffer it now its time to go for judicial inquiry and take the revenge legally by filing a case in the High court or supreme court of Pakistan against the current Gilgit-Baltistan Government for torturing and sabotaging their basic rights and also case a file against NDMA including the currrent G-B government for making it late the spill way work.
    Judicial inquiry is the only one way to pressurize the Government.

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