Heartless father kills children and wife in Jutial – Gilgit

by Ghulam Nasir (updated)

Gilgit, July 31: Police have arrested a man called Ibrahim who has confessed after initial investigation to have killed his wife and two children by throwing them in the Gilgit river. The children include a minor daughter and a 5 year old special son.

According to reports Ibrahim, a resident of Jutial, approached the police to file a report about his ‘missing wife and children’. The police, reportedly, took Ibrahim into custody suspecting the story he had apparently knit to mislead them and hide his crime. During initial investigation at the city police station Ibrahim confessed that he had pushed his wife and children into the river and killed them.

The police are searching for dead bodies of the innocent children and their mother. Immediate cause of the crime could not be established but it is being said that family feuds led to the inhumane action.

Express Tribune reports that the culprit belongs to Misgar village of Gojal. He, reportedly, is an agent of some secret agency and killed his family to be able to marry his lover.

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  1. This is really the crime which needs to find out the reason behind it….In any civilized community this is not acceptable……..Where is tolerance, acceptance, and love?.How crazy Father he is???????????????????
    May Allah rest innocent souls in peace(Aameen)

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