Flash flood hits Gircha and Sarteez in Gojal valley

The Seer area, upper portions of the mountain photographed above was hit by lightening

by Muhammad Zia

Gircha, August 6: A flood caused by thunderstorm and lightening destroyed parts of Gircha and Sarteez, two villages located in Gojal Valley of the Hunza – Nagar district.

Sarteez, one of the affected villages

According to details thunderstorms and lightening at around 10 in the night struck a place called Seer, located above Gircha and Sarteez. This caused heavy floods which has reportedly destroyed parts of the Gircha and Sarteez, without causing any loss to human lives. Heavy losses to property and land have been caused by the floods according to the villagers. A local graveyard has also been completely destroyed.

The vulnerable people of Gircha have been shifted to a local school and some to a local hotel.

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