Over 100 truck loads of relief goods received from China

PT Report

Sost, September 4: Transportation of the relief goods from Xinjiang province of China to Sost has been completed with arrival of the last 25 truck yesterday. The relief comprise of around 100,000 liters of diesel and petrol, and around 3000 tons of food items, according to custom sources.

A government official has confirmed to Pamir Times that the diesel and petrol donated by the Chinese government are part of the relief items and can not be sold by the GB government for revenue generation.

It is pertinent to note that CM Mehdi Shah had been overheard in a private gathering in Sost a couple of days back saying that he would like to sell the petroleum products. “This is a good opportunity”, he reportedly said, according to insiders.

Volunteers’ help: Hundreds of members of the Ismaili volunteers and Boy Scouts Association are helping the district administration in storage of the relief goods received from China.

Everyday Boy Scouts and Volunteers from different village of Gojal are reaching Sost to store and distribute the relief items.

Flour bags are being distributed in upper parts of Gojal valley like, Misgar, Khudabad, Avgarch, Moorkhun, Sost, Nazimabad and different villages of Chipursan valley.

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  1. First of all I would like to thanks the Government of China and particularly to the state government of Xinjiang Proivince for their moral support to the people of Gojal(their closest neighbours) for sending relief goods from Xinjiang province of China. I would suggest the Ismaili Scouts and Volunteers of Gojal to troduce a warehouse for the storage of the relief items in gojal area. Store the whole food,diesel and petrol and other stuff for the public of gojal there. You don’t need to send it to Gilgit.Definetely the thursty PPP CM and his cabinet will sell the goods and will launder money to their accounts and pockets. Therefore I would urge all the volunteers Scouts, who have invested their energy, time and services, please make a warehouse and do storage of all the relief goods in gojal. Thanks to all Ismaili volunteers and Scouts for their continously tremendous services.

  2. We are grateful to the Government of China and people of China.

    We will never forget their love and kindness.

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