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Pamir Times represents Pakistan in World Summit Youth Award Ceremony

Representatives of Pamir Times giving a presentation about their project
By Najeeb Ullah
The World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) ceremony was held in New York City last week. From a field of 650 projects representing 130 UN member states, 18 projects from 15 countries received awards. The events took place at the Hard Rock Café, the Verve Hotel, Lincoln Centre and the Roger Smith Hotel in Manhattan, New York City. Pamir Times unofficially (no commas) represented Pakistan in the ceremony, being the only Pakistani project present at the event.

All the winners and runners ups were conferred with awards and certificates for their innovative projects to help achieve the six Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations, using internet and mobile phone based new media .  The categories were hunger and poverty, empowerment of women, education for all, cultural enrichment, pursuit of truth and going green.

The participants presented their projects in the Hard Rock Café and the next day an award ceremony was held at the Roger Smith Hotel. The participants also discussed ways to support and improve each other’s projects.

As the award ceremony unfolded on the morning of September 20, 2010, it was evident that this occasion would exceed all expectations. Guests had arrived two days before from different parts of the US and other countries. The occasion was to celebrate the successes of a group of young individuals whose projects served as catalysts of change in their respective countries and communities. Through these projects, with their focus on putting different aspects of the UN MDGs into action, these young people aspire to transform our world. The WSYA recognized the undaunted spirit and achievements of these young change agents.

Pamir Times’ contribution was recognized and cited as an innovative media initiative, presenting to the outside world a little known, remote region of Pakistan and giving voice to its people.   For this achievement it received an award in the category of ‘pursuit of truth’.

The dynamic president of WSYA, Dr. Peter Bruck, conducted many rounds of workshops with speakers from partner organizations such as Intel Layla Foundation, UN G@ID, Knights Foundation and The Internet Society.

All the participants were also able to celebrate the successful five years since the WSYA awards program was established, its management as a nonprofit, development organization, and its evolution to include new philanthropic initiatives and engage new supporters and partners in exciting and progressive programs throughout the world.

The winners visited the headquarters of Bloomberg on the third day and were welcomed warmly. Later the day a workshop was held in which representatives of Bloomberg media discussed the opportunities, possibilities and challenges for new media with the winners of WSYA.

On the fourth day the winners visited Wunderman Advertising Agency and discussed with experts ways to promote their projects and forge partnerships with other organization for the achievement of long term goals of their projects.

As the events came to a close the organizers and supporters wished their guests good luck and success. The awards recipients said good bye to the event organisers and to magnificent New York City and left to embark on their new adventures.

Najeeb Ullah, Managing Editor Pamir Times, and Amina Khan, reporter and columnist, represented Pamir Times at the award ceremony and workshops.

Pamir Times thanks Peter A Bruck, founding president, and the entire dedicated WSYA management team. We look forward to an exciting year of new possibilities and opportunities for the future. The WSYA awards will continue to advance the projects of talented, creative young people worldwide through their awards program.

24 thoughts on “Pamir Times represents Pakistan in World Summit Youth Award Ceremony

  1. congrats !!!!!!!! this is really an extra ordinary effort.This award indicates that we are the top of the educational and developmental race . keep it up

  2. Dear Najeeb and Amina, Zulfiqar and Noor Mohammad,

    On behalf of GISAK we congratulate you all for the excellent professional work to represent Gilgit-Baltistan and our beloved country Pakistan.

  3. Thumbs up for PT!
    These developments vivdly shows that PT has gain a wide popularity internationally.

  4. Proud of you PT team!
    Well done, sky is the limit.
    the youth is taking over, to represent the voice of the people and to speak the truth without fear or favour, truth and only truth.
    Continue to speak up.

  5. Congratulations..PT team, for thy incredible feat.Youth definitely must come up now.Your unprecedented maneuvers will be a gateway for us all.
    …….THUMBZZ uP!

  6. Well done! Sky is the Limit
    Its the time of new generation,new challanges,new objectives,new competitions,new vision,new thoughts.new goals.new team,new people,new Learning.It takes years to bring changes to Society,Keep up the good work.
    PT time has to go a long long way………………………………..Without PT we would have not be able to get any news on Attabad lake..So PT was the prime informative Online local news from hunza,Appreciate all PT Team.

    KEEP MOVING TIME is now Yours.We have to fight for our basic rights being citizen of this country.Together we can bring changes to our Society.
    its the new youth TIME….Time of the Young generations from Gojal,Hunza,Gilgit-Baltistan have to work together for better goals and for the future of our young generations and for our Mother land Pakistan.

  7. Thank you very much for all the comments and good wishes. Our readers equally share the credit of this award. You support and sincere comments have always been a source of light for us in our journey.

    The credit of this award goes to Noor and Zulfiqar Bhai. I will specifically mention Noor’s effort the way he described Pamir Times while registering it for the competition, that made it possible for us to be among the top twenty projects from 650 projects worldwide.

    The pictures were taken in low light so sorry for the obscure images.

    Najeeb Ullah
    Managing Editor, Pamir Times
    Madison WI. USA.

  8. Marvelous effort dear Najib, You’ve lot more to do for educational, cultural and social development and to promote our area specially Gojal.

    With best wishes and prayers.

  9. Congratulations to the entire Team of Pamir Times, specialy to Dear Najeebullah and Amina, very good effort, i wish you should continue the good work

    with Best wishes

  10. Congratulation to najeeb and amina and the whole team of PT for their efforts. We are really proud of you for representing our far flung area in national and international level.

  11. Congratulations Pamir Teams. This is a big boost in your careers. Best wishes for your futures. Keep on moving slowly and steadily…… Amina & Najeeb, it sounds a great opportunity, right? Wonderful.

  12. Congratulation PT team… This is really a great news and great achievement.. All G-B peoples is proud of you to represent our area in national level as well as international level …. KEEP MOVING ON!!! GOOD BLESS YOU ALL…. Thanks

  13. Congrats, Team PT. You made us proud yet another time.

    With this level of recognition, I would like to request our volunteer journalists to keep going the way you have done it in a vert short period of time. We have to prove that we are above all baises. We have to prove to the world that we are an internationally recognized media group by maintaining quality and balanced reporting, strict code of conduct on ethics and contents.

    We can compare ourselves with the international media and need to encourage more and more youth to join Team PT with variety of subjects of interest of all segments of the society. I hope the management of PT will come up with innovative ideas to involve youth to transform our society into a true knowledge society.

    Best of luck for the future.

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