Boulder fall kills two labourers at barrier of the dammed Hunza River

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Hunza, October 7: A fresh incident of boulder fall at Attabad killed a labourer identified as Talib Hussain, a resident of Ganish, Hunza, and injured Mehboob Alam.

Mehboob Alam was shifted to the Aga Khan Health Centre Aliabad for basic medical aid. Later while he also succumbed to his injuries while being shifted to Gilgit for advance health care through a chopper of Pakistan Army.

The boulder fall occurred at the KKH side, opposite of the Attabad village, above the lake barrier.

Talib Hussain and Mehboob Alam were laid to rest last night at Ganish in presence of hundreds of mourners.

The death toll at Attabad lake barrier increases to 22 with the demise of Talib Hussain and Mehboob Alam. Earlier a member of the Ismaili Boy Scout Association had also been killed during a boulder fall incident. 19 people had perished in the fatal landslide that destroyed Attabad on January 4, 2010.

The area where these two labourers were killed has become highly hazardous for hundreds of commuters who travel into and out of Gojal valley.

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