Teachers urged to shun corporal punishment in class room and allow students to ‘learn without fear’

Farman Karim

Gilgit, October 26: Teachers shall not use violence in the class room while trying to make the students learn. Classroom violence is a global issue that can be reduced through constant advocacy and capacity building of teachers. Awareness about new philosophies of teaching and learning may also enable teachers to use softer methods inside classrooms.

These views were expressed by speakers during the launching ceremony of a donor funded campaign, “Learn Without Fear”. Chief Minister Gilgit – Baltistan, Mehdi Shah, shared his experiences as a student and Physical Training Instructor (PTI). “The redness in my eyes was caused when a teach beat me in the class”, Mehdi said. “Later as a became a PTI (Physical Training Instructor) I made one of my students to sit like a “Murgha” for two hours”, he continued. He also said that the student he punished as a PTI now serves in the Army as a Major.

The CM asked teachers to change their behaviour. “Times have changed and we need to change our attitude accordingly”, he urged the teachers.

Speaking at the occasion GB education minister, Dr. Ali Madad Sher, said that violence at home and school result shall be discouraged because it has profound impact on personalities of the students.

The gathering was also addressed by GB education secretary and Director of Plan Pakistan, the NGO behind the campaign. Also present at the occasion were ministers, officials of education department and teachers from different government and community schools.

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  1. Unfortunately except few leaders all are illetrate and incompetent. The CM, Speaker (acting governor, who is intended to become Governor; saying that he has a lot of competencies and potentials), deputy Governor, and other ministers and members of GBLA+GB Council. Among these Mr. S. Razi-ud-din Razvi is most educated i.e. MA political Science, MA Urdu, BA LLB and M Phil.
    These uneducated leaders can never bring revolution in education. Untill the emergence of well educated, competent and intellectuals in politics happiness and change may never come.

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