Zardari to announce opening of “GB Women University”: Wazir Baig

Interim governor praises Musharraf for establishing KIU

Speakers addressing opening ceremony of B.Ed program at the Karakuram International University, Gilgit.

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Gilgit, October 5: The credit for establishing Gilgit – Baltistan’s first university goes to Pervez Musharraf. His efforts for establishing the university deserve honest appreciation. I have no political affiliation with Musharrraf or his party, but it is a fact that KIU was established during his government.

These views were expressed today by the interim governor of Gilgit – Baltistan, Wazir Baig, while he was addressing a ceremony held for commencement of B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) courses at Karakuram International University.

The interim governor also paid glowing tributes to different segments of the society, including politicians, bureaucrats, civil society activists, student leaders and lawyers, who played vital roles in advocating the cause of getting a university for the region.

The governor also said that the present PPP government is taking key interest in development of Gilgit – Baltistan. Baig also said that President Zardari would soon be visiting the region and during his visit he would announce establishment of a separate women university for the region. He also said that the PM Gillani has already visited GB four times, which is a record in the region’s history.

He also said that during the next four years medical and engineering colleges would also be established in the region.

The gathering was also addressed by VC Dr. Najma and  GB Education Secretary Professor Mehboob, among others.

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  1. We don’t need a Women’s university Zardari! . If you really want to invest in higher education in GB, provide enough resources and bring in qualified staff to make KIU a better institution – one that competes with international standards!

  2. As per HEC’s criteria to open a university, there should be a total number of population of region vis-a-vis feeding units that provides an appropriate number to run university programs. G-B has already lesser colleges, less population for another public university and small number of applicants for existing university (KIU). In addition, KIU already faced number of financial crunches, so I hope G-B won’t need another incomplete institution with number of challenges.

    If some one is very serious to initiate a separate degree programs for women, then government should appropriate some funding to initiate a new campus for women as it is in the charter of KIU as a multi-campus university.

    KIU has already plans to start its new campus for tourism management in Skardu, due to financial shortcomings the project is delayed.

    We should deal with realities rather than making inept tall claims..

  3. I think it useless to build a separate university for women, as KIU fulfills the thirst of education to some extent. Instead of women university further departments should be opened at KIU and highly eduacated and compitent faculty must be added. The construction of a separate university means “creation of job oppurtunity for non-locals”.
    The false and self-made statement by Wazir Baig reflects his incompitency and lack of awareness with the existing situation of GB. His comments reflects his existance in 19th century. Now the said person is keeps strong intentions and dreams to become Governor of GB. If it happened then it will be matter of unfortunate for the people of GB.
    It is beyond imgination that the educated people of Hunza elect such illeterates.

  4. Governor Baig is better than most. At least he can speak sense. His credibility as an honest leader cannot be questioned by anyone. Smugglers and thieves elected by the people of Nagar are no match for Governor Baig.

    Look at who the people of Nagar have elected.

    1. A thief of antiques who has been made the treasurer of GB government
    2. A smuggler whose only business is supporting non-local traders, read the Memon family, in smuggling drugs into and out of Paksitan!

    I hope that answers Nagarian’s heartaches!

  5. The people of Hunza should have elected an antique thief or a smuggler. Nagarian is right!

  6. My dear friend “Hunzukutz” lost tempor on my comments.

    Cool down dear cool down!!!!!!!!!

    I consider majaority of members of GB as ineligible and incompitent, either he may from Nagar, Hunza, Baltistan or elsewhere. But Mr. Wazir Baig is also included in that list. Your comments reflect anger with Nagarians. Such comments never suit towering personalties , like you. Always be positive and keep affirmative views about others, either they be strong opponents. The people of Nagar and Hunza are brothers and dwellers of same District.
    But my dear!! it is evident that unfortunately both the people of Nagar and Hunza deem it wise to elect rich figures of the society; i.e. Wazir Baig, Mirza Hussain, M Ali Akhtar and Ghazanfar.

    Your alligations about our MLAs, terming them smugglers is beyond imagination. They are doing business just like the majority of Pakistani politicians.

  7. dear Tasawur!
    why you are asking for the management and the funding of remains legacy of all universities |(pakistan) that they became incomplete at the start. in such a dismal situation, if a government is taking a positive initiative, we should be thankful and appreciate for this act, considering the action as a ray of hope for the future.
    if you are not really in a favour of women university then where you were when the empowerment package was promulgated, without taking you people in confidence.The government of pakistan really don’t like to take the people of Gilgit-Baltistan in confidence, prior to any implementation of her fail plans.better to keep silient and ready to have bear any sort of initiative.

    hinal Khan

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