No more NCP vehicles to be allowed in Gilgit – Baltistan: Supreme Appellate Court

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Gilgit, November 9: The Supreme Appellate Court of Gilgit – Baltistan has directed the law enforcing agencies to be more vigilant against entry of Non – Custom Paid (NCP) vehicles in the region. A sanction has also been imposed on entry of NCP vehicles into Gilgit – Baltistan.

The SAC also directed the law ministry of GB to legislate for regularization of the NCP vehicles already present in the region.

The government departments who are using NCP vehicles, which in most cases are smuggled on stolen vehicles brought to the region from Khyber – Pukhtunkhwa, have also been directed to regularize their vehicles by June 2011.

The decision came after days of hearing of a Suo Moto case in which the constitutional status of GB also came under discussion.

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  1. The Chief Justice Of SAC is constantly taking the suo moto action and making regular laws for the gilgit-baltistan.To legislate any law in the region we the population of 2 Millions people have elected competent members but unfortunatly, till now, there is no law made by our assembly and council.
    we had been blessed by good chance in the form of empowerment and self governance order, if even then we will fail to ensure justice then we will have to wait for another 63 years for “AAGAZ-E-HAQOOQ-GILGIT-BALTISTAN”.
    The sanction which has been imposed for not entering the custom unpaid vehicals in gilgit-baltistan is an indirect burdan over the people of Gilgit-Baltistan because Government can only impose law unable to stop entering the vehicals.

    Hinal Khan

  2. Very good decision. GB should become law abiding and only vehicles that have paid custom duties should be allowed in GB.

  3. I will support the Hinal khans argument that it should be the peoples representatives who make the laws not the courts ,
    2ndly Governament of Pakistan has naver taken any action against NCP vehicals in Balouchistan,and vast portion of KP. why then the ppl of GB be deprived of a facility when the area is outside the constitutional boundry of Paksitan. Let the ppl enjoy the facility till equal citizenship is granted to us.
    Yes, we are law abiding ppl, but laws made should be in consultation with our ppl (or representatives) NOT THE LAWS MADE IN ISLAMABAD OR SOME ONE WHO HAS NO STAKES IN THE GB.

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