Chinese relief items being sold in the market: Rabita Committee Gojal

L -R: Ibrahim Shah, Ali Qurban and Jahangeer of Rabit Committee Gojal at a press conference in Gilgit

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Gilgit, November 14: The district administration and GB government are selling relief items provided for calamity hit Gojal Valley by the Chinese Government  in markets.

This allegation was made by the Rabita Committee of Mutasreen-e-Gojal (RMCG) at a press conference held at a local hotel here in the capital of Gilgit – Baltistan.

The leaders of RMCG blasted the local political leaders and the administration for failing to do anything with respect to opening of the Hunza River blockade.  The RMCG said that none of the announcements and promises made the federal and GB government have been materialized. They prayed to Chief Justice of the Supreme Appellate Court to take Suo Moto notice of the situation and provide justice to the people of Gojal Valley.

“If we do not get justice, there will be no option left but to resume agitation”, said Ali Qurban, convenor of the Rabita Committee. “We will bring the local people to the spillway and start working in protest”, he further said.

Mutabiat Shah denies allegations – Responding to the press conference of RMCG, the technocrat member of GBLA, Mutabiat Shah – who is one of the people affected by the dammed Hunza River –  has denied the allegations as false and baseless.

He has said that FWO is working on the spillway for the past 45 days to drain the river lake.

Mutabiat Shah has also said that Ali Qurban and Jahangeer, another RCMG leader, have no representative status in Gojal Valley. “They are neither leaders nor representatives of the affected people”, a press release sent to the regional press reads.

It is pertinent to note here that the GB government and administration of Hunza – Nagar have been accused of “illegally airlifting around 37 thousand litres of petrol and diesel” provided by the Chinese government from Sost to Gilgit. The RCMG has also prayed to Justice Abbasi to take Suo Moto notice of the situation and order investigation into the accusations.

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  1. the person who gave the statement against government is neither a responsible person nor intellectual. his statement does not have any value in govenment circle nor in respective is an heinous step to defame government and admistrators.
    government should take action against this irresponsible person on the voilation of law and he will not be able to give such kind of controvertial statments

  2. Dear All,
    If there is any evidence of this, why is it not shown. The fact is Ali Qurban is a fluke just like the Rabta committee. Rabta committee consists of people who dont have any real aim in life. They cannot solve our problems. They are just politicizing and nothing else. We should not give heed to these people. We all know what Rehan Shah did when he was personal staff officer of cheif executive. He just used government protocol. Show me any work he has done for the people of Gojal.


  3. Am respecting my friends indivusal’s perceptions, which they gave there expressions against the commettee.. If is there any avidance that the governement officals are selling the relief items in the market. they must take serious action against them. my request to the people of GBL and the effected people to take action againts the circomstances issues for the benifts of the effected people. It’s our responsibilty to investigate on the top periourity. If we criticis on eachother then we will never stand our feet. this time to help and support eachother to relove these types of issues.

    hopfully we will prove our best as a nation with unity, dignity and prosparity for the people of GB.

    Best wishes

    Sher Karim

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