GB student shot dead by robbers in Islamabad

Akbar Hussain Nagri had completed MBA, was preparing to compete for CSS

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Islamabad, November 14: In a highly condemnable and tragic incident a student, Akbar Hussain, belonging to Pissan (Nagar) has reportedly been shot dead by mobile snatchers in the Karachi Company (G-9) sector of Islamabad.

Akbar was younger brother of Naveed Nagri, president of the literary body Anjuman-e-Fikr-o-Sukhan Nagar. He had recently completed MBA and was reportedly preparing to appear in the competitive Central Superior Services examination.

Akbar was reportedly shot dead after he put resistance to mobile snatchers.

The dead body of Akbar has been sent from Rawalpindi to his native village amid severe protests from the Islamabad and Rawalpindi based GB student community. The students have expressed anger and shock at the impunity enjoyed by robbers and murderers in the capital city. They have demanded quick investigation of the case to provide justice to family of the slain Akbar Hussain Nagri.

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  1. I am very dreadfull to hear this tragic news. Brother Akber was a brillent and hardworking student,it is not only loss of particular family or area but a loss for all GB people.he seemed to be a burucreat in future but unfortunatly God snatched him from us. may God console his family and bestows them the power of patience and places him in the Heaven and rests his soul.

  2. The untimely death of Brother Akbar Hussain is a tradgedy not only for his kith and kin but also for whole GB. Being a resident of the same area our hearts bleed in sorrow and disgruntled. God had enriched with a lot of potentials. He was brialliant student, and after completion of MBA he was doing preparation for CSS (Central Superior Services) in Islamabad and intended to appear in 2011. It would never be an exageration if I comment that he was an apex leader of future for GB, but his precious life didn’t accompany him.

    Since long time the students of GB particularly Nagarians have been targeted in Pakistan especially in Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad. In order to eradicate and obliterate such target killings we, the people of GB will have to unite and raise our voice for such tyranies uninanimously. Otherwise we will be targetted every where and evry spot, and no one will apprehend this mean act. If we are living away from our native places then we should live just like members of a single family. This should be no differences among Nagarians, Balties, Gilgities, Hunzaiis, Chilasies and so on. Several students were targetted in Karachi but no culprits were arrested and punished. The GB Government should precurise federal government that why in the heart of Islamabad a resident of GB was killed? The GB Government should also demand for immediate arrest of culprits behind this assasination.

  3. Shocking and barbaric!
    One finds,how insecure life is @ d mercy of Barbaric robbers,strangling inflation,unempolyment and nasty governance–even in d heart of the country.wre vvvvv going?

  4. Its extremely sad news
    In the heart of the capital city of Pakistan such brutal acts?
    May almighty Allah bless his soul in eternal peace and give strength to deceased family member’s to bear this irreparable lose.

  5. Like other people and students of GB it was very shocking for me as well.
    Although i didn’t know him personally but i heard that the slain student was brilliant student and his aim was to become a CSS officer in future,but unfortunately the unexpected incident didn’t allow him to accomplish his wish.May Allah give patience to deceased family to bear the loss.

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