Nepotism alleged in appointment of BISP Assistant Director for Ishkoman

Karim Ranjha

Chatorkhand, April 14 (TR): According to reports a relative of Secretary General of PPP Gilgit – Baltistan, Ghulam Muhammad, from Yasin Valley has been appointed at the post of Assistant Director Benazir Income Support Program, Ishkoman.

It is pertinent to note that  7 candidates from Ishkoman had also applied for the same position and had gone through tests and interviews.

The local people have said that a local person from Ishkoman should be appointed at the position, because according to them it is a Tehsil based position.

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  1. This is called a politics. 🙂 tests and interviews are taking just for formalities. they already selected from their families and it continuation generation after generation. no one can ask them why they do this.?

  2. Gentleman,
    45 candidates form Hunza-Gojal has also gone through the test and interview for the said position and none of them are selected. All the positions has been distributed among the members GBLA and PPP central executive committee members, whereas Mr. Muhammad Ali Akhter scored 5 for his JIALAS of Nager but Mr. Wazir Baig and Mr. Mutabiat Shah got none. Now tell me what to do? Merit has been buried by this government some 3 years before. Now please be patient.

  3. When ever this corrupt mafia party came into govt it is very clear that merit is always eleminated. I am my self a victem of this mafia when I appeared in a test interview for a position of Mobile Credit Officer in 1989 at Agriculture Development Bank Gilgit. No one was selected and when the appointment letters were issued, most of the selected persons were not even present at Gilgit. Now they are on reasonable positions. The same was did in IDBP and National Bank. Shame on this corrupt mafia. As per the people of Hunza/Gojal is concern we are already political orphans then how u can expect to get jobs on merit basis.

  4. I think the blame goes to the sleeping people of tehsil ishkomen.The department of bisp is for poor people of a certain area and the department cannot work fairly unless the office bearers are local. how can a person of yasin can identify poor people of ishkoman. i have also heard that grade 1 posts are also filled by other districts. The people themselves shoul take action because it is their right. if the people wont take action the post as well as the funds will go into the hands of wrong people. As far as pakistan peoples party is concerned unfair means, corruption and nepotism is running in the veins of the party. its history is a proof.Only the people of ishkoman can do some thing about this and inshallah they will take the required action.

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