Central Asia Institute (CAI) raises funds for Pak-Afghan education development

DALLAS: The social welfare organization Central Asia Institute CAI that has established several schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan held a fund raising dinner today in a local hotel in Dallas.

The function was attended by hundreds of prominent persons including the Hollywood stars and civil award recipients from Pakistan government.

The famous Hollywood actress Jean Davis said that it was only through education that the social vices can be eradicated. She said that ignoring someone was biggest enmity. As such, it was necessary to help the downtrodden and underdogs of the society.

The founder of the organization said that his mission was that through education he should make the oppressed people as the best citizens of the society.

He said that at present troops from 45 countries was stationed in Afghanistan. If compared it means that 2,60,000 coalition soldiers were braced against 35,000 Taliban.

He asserted that through war peace can never be brought about. It was therefore necessary that the money spent on war should be diverted to education. If so is done, it will bring about a revolution in Afghanistan.

On this occasion other speakers also expressed their views. Those who spoke included Michel Raddy, Danny penny, Naeem Randhawa, Bapsi Sidawa, Sadia Ashraf and others. They praised the services of the CAI founder that it was a big honor for America that he as American received Pakistan’s biggest civil award.

The guests were presented books of Greg Mortenson that are necessary for the troops positioned in Afghanistan and the officers of the foreign Relations Committee to read. The GEO TV film Khuda key liay was also presented to the attendees of the function.

In the end, a group of musicians consisting of both Pakistani and American singers sung Qawwali. The function was attended by the popular leaders and businessmen and from other walks of life.

Originally Published by Geo News

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