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Ashura tomorrow, security on high alert, millions to remember Imam Hussain (AS)

PT Report Islamabad, December 16: Ashura, the 1oth day of Islamic Month Muharram, will see millions of Muslims remember the time when a tyrant martyred Imam Hussain (AS) along with most of his family members. In Pakistan, comprehensive security arrangements have been put in place across the country to  safeguard the...

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Commuters stranded as Gojal Lake water freezes

People Demand Regular Helicopter Service A boat that started sinking in Gulmit with four people on board is being emptied with the help of water cans. There is no professional rescue team in the are to save lives during such disasters. The passengers saved their lives and swam to the...

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Nawaz Sharif distributes cheques among Attabad IDPs, promises 5 model villages in GB

Suggests building hotels at dammed Hunza River to promote tourism Hunza, December 15: Nawaz Sharif visited Hunza Valley the other day to distribute compensatory cheques among the IDPs of Attabad whose families had been killed in the fatal landslide of January 4, 2010. He presented cheques worth PKR 500,000 among...

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