Protesters in Nagar demand removal of acting governor

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A group of protesters in Nagar sub-division of the Hunza -Nagar District have demanded removal of the acting Governor, Wazir Baig, accusing him of doing ‘injustices’ against Nagar. According to media reports over one thousand people participated in the demonstration.

The demonstration had been called to condemn the transfer of Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, the District Health Officer (DHO) of Hunza – Nagar. The protesters accused Governor Baig of ordering the transfer of Dr. Iqbal. They demanded immediate reinstatement of the said government employee.

Slogans were also raised against the district administration.

The protest remained peaceful and no damage was caused to public or private property.

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  1. A government employee can be transferred, terminated and pensioned. Jobs are not given always at the door steps of employees. These are the features of a job every one knows. The Governor better knows the reasons for transferring the doctor. Going on strikes is illogic. It is the common observation that people go on strike when they fail to motivate others. We have never heard that the doctor had done an any extra ordinary treatment. If one doctor goes, another will join from any part of GB. Surely, there should be professional doctors in the hospitals of Hunza; no matter which race, religion/sect and region they belong to.

    1. i dont agree with you. Its their (locals’) right to disagree about the changes happening in their region and its their right that their concerns be heard. People do not protest for no reason, their has to be something going on. It may just be their perception but i guess rather than gov not giving a heed to what they are saying, they should at least be heard and negotiated with.

      Although I am from Ali Abad, for me Governor Wazir Baig won’t be a good leader if he (or one of his representative) does not listen to the concerns of people of Nagar.

  2. And by the way, it was very amusing when you said: “Governor better knows the reasons for transferring the doctor”…. and….”It is the common observation that people go on strike when they fail to motivate others”……… it actually amuses me a lot.

    Obviously Governor knew better when the government did nothing for the attaabad displaced people…..obviously he knows better now when he and his associated in the gilgit government are still not doing anything substantial about breaking the spillway…after many many months of miseries…….obviously the Gov knows better when more than 20 female students of Gojal are about to be expelled from Karakurum Univ female hostels just bcoz Gov dint keep their promise of fees……obviously the Gov knows particularly everything when nothing is being done in Gilgit while majority of the population lives in darkness (coz of no electricity)….

    What are you talking about mate…??….

    If I apply your logic to attabad lake case… then it would come out like this….”natural disasters come and natural disasters go..does not make any difference”…and…”people of attabad are protesting only bcoz they were not able to motivate anyone”….

    I dont know whether the concerns of people of Nagar are right or wrong, but its the duty of the government to listen to their concerns….

    The doctor may not have done any extraordinary treatment but at least try to understand why they are protesting for his return??…only the people can tell the right reason for it mate…don’t stereotype their protest or the reasons behind it…..give them a chance at least…

  3. Correctly explained by Ahsanullah Baig, CM and Governor has the right to transfer any public servant officer.


  4. The DHO was transfered like many other DHOs. He is the person who even remained unable to depute a doctor in Gojal tehsil during disaster. Similarily he dont has any extara ordinary achivements except illegal appointments of people from a specific group.

  5. He (the doctor) might be a horrible person but the government needs to be responsive to the community and their concerns. Its not always about and wrong, its also about perceptions of people about right and wrong. So if the governor thinks ( and if you think) that the person was not right for the job, you need to advocate and convince people of nagar who are protesting rather than showing a stringent behavior, as it seems from your responses. When you stop listening to others, it puts a foundation for a conflict….

  6. Dear protestors,It is very shocking the way you led a procession and showed your resentment on a simple and minor issue of low status Government servant transfer. It is very routine procedure in Government departments,like transfers,terminations,declaring osds is common job of civil servants.It is very strange to go on protest and demand for removal of the Governor Of G/B.Present Serving acting Governor is the only person of strong charactor and man of the principal.He is proven man of honesty and judgement.I am personaly against the party that he belongs nor I have supported in all his election compaigns.But the fact is he is man of pride on the face of GBLA. I have a faithfull suggestion to the people of Nagar and those protestors to take him in Nagar where ever they like to keep with all arrangements that Dr.Iqbal DHO owns. We people of Hunza beleive in rule of law,good governce and in transparency and never have agitated on transfer of high ranking Government officials of hunza. but regret for this act, for God sake donot exploit the transfer of a low status government employee.He has to serve any place in G/B under the routine procedure.The protest in favor of DHO Hunza Nagar indicates that he is working under a hidden agenda for a group of self vested agitators.My Humble suggestion again for innocent Nagarees please take all health facillities to Nagar we hunzukutz will come to Nagar no worry at all.
    Thank you

  7. it is intersting a demand to remove a govrner on transfer of govt paid employee, if this is the case then why not we demand to remove zardari or gilani for doing so many hiring, positing and transfer, this demand showes the mental level of the folks who are demanding to remove a govrner on this pretext, this also show the education level of those who are demanding for less important person in the region, why we all are looking on thine glass, why not nagar folks demand for good education insititutions, good health facility or other public needs.

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