Thousands protest in Ghulmat Nagar against ‘nepotism’ and delays in Hunza – Nagar district

Participants listening to speakers at Ghulmet Nagar during a grand protest demonstration. Image: Mon Digital

Demand two more GBLA seats for Hunza – Nagar and safe drainage of the dammed Hunza River, 30 days deadline for the government

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HUNZA – NAGAR, January 23: Thousands of protesters in Ghulmat Nagar have demanded expedited resolution of the issue of Hunza – Nagar’s district headquarters. They also accused the GB government and the district administration of illegal and unjust appointments of new employees. The protesters said that despite of all their political differences, they are united for the rights of Nagar Valley. The protest was organized by the Hussainia Supreme Council Nagar (HSCN).

Speaking at the occasion Sheikh Mirza Ali said that the rights of Nagar Valley are being usurped under the new district setup. He pointed out that certain elements were awarding jobs to their near and dear ones. He said that those usurping the

Sheikh Mirza Ali, leader of the Hussainia Supreme Council addressing the protesters

rights of Nagar will not be able to live in peace.

The speakers, including GB Finance Minister, Muhammad Ali Akhtar, MLA Mirza Hussain and several other leaders of religious and political organizations, demanded safe drainage of the dammed Hunza River. “The people of Nagar should be taken into confidence”, a speaker said.

The speakers also demanded two additional seats for Hunza – Nagar district. They demanded on additional GBLA seat for Hunza and a joint Hunza-Nagar constituency, comprising of certain parts of both the valleys.

The speakers also demanded establishment of offices in Hunza and Nagar on the basis of population. The GB government and Hunza – Nagar administration was also accused of unnecessarily creating troubles for the government officials belonging to Nagar Valley.

Speaking at the occasion GB Finance Minister, Muhammad Ali Akhtar, said that establishment of offices and district setup is a time consuming process which will be fulfilled in due course. He also expressed complete solidarity with the demands of the HSCN

The protest demonstration remained peaceful and the thousands of people gathered for voicing their concerns and demands dispersed after giving the government a deadline of 30 days for resolution of the issues.

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  1. this is called a leadership and Unity
    i may ask one Question here was FIR chalked against these protesters in Nagar????????????????
    learn from them every one . loook at their Demand and their power to and Style to demand from the Govt ,,,,,,,
    you have the Leadership Brothers of Nagar ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,’
    Shame on the educated people of Gojal

  2. If both Muhammad Ali Akhtar and Mirza Hussain are present at the Ijtima’, who are they demanding to?
    They are in the house together, thats where they are needed to raise their voices for culprits to hear, not out here on a road crowded with the victims of whatever injustice they are talking about.
    They can boycott, walk-out, or resign from their comfy seats in the GBLA to show their unity with the people.

  3. Historical People of Hunza & Nagar are brothers from the same line and have same history , culture, language etc
    I appeal people from hunza and nagar to resolve issue as soon as possible through negotiation and do not exploit the situation for political gains, this demonstration seems to be for political gains , if leaders from nagar really want the welfare of nagar they must provide the health and educational facilities to people.
    I suggest there should be some tehsil offices in hunza and some in nagar !

  4. The grand protest at Ghulmet Nagar manifests the intensity of anger. Many times they highlighted and exposed their reservations and demands about the nascent H/Nagar district headquarter, offices of different departments and jobs. Certain illegal and unlawful appointments in different departments and the gradual shifting of offices to Hunza irked the people of Nagar. Although Nagar comprise of majority population than Hunza but neglected in giving due rights, which is beyond imagination.
    Now the GB Govt and H/Nagar administration must realize the retaliation of Nagarians and take them in confidence. The illegal appointments in the name temporary posts and readvertise to fill them.

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