Qaklasht Festival promotes the cultural and social heritage of Chitral Valley

Qaklasht is a green patch of arid land in Chitral

Gul Hammad Farooqi

Chitral, April 16: Chitral is very peaceful and a paradise-like place home to a peace loving and rich cultural  heritage. Chitral has great potential as an eco-tourism site.

These views were express by Mrs Robin Raphel ,Ccountry Director at United States Agency for International Development (USAID). She along with a former US ambassador was present at the Quarter Final polo match. She highly appreciated the hospitality and peace loving nature of the Chitralis.

Earlier she was briefed by Shamsuddin, Manager Chitral Association for Mountain Areas Tourism (CAMAT), about the role of his organization in promotion of Eco Tourism in the Hindukush region. R

The 4 days Qaqlasht festival is underway at a scenic plateau, 80 kilomter away from Chiltral town, close to Booni, Mastuj Tehsil. The festival, aimed at promotion of Chitrali culture, is celebrated every year from April 14 – 17.

Free style polo, football, Volley ball, Cricket, Hockhy, Marathon race, Tug of War, shooting , cultural variety programs and and poetical sessions are some of the festival’s highlights.

Final events of the Qaklasht festival would be held on April 17 if the weather remain favourable. A large number of local people as well as some national and foreign tourists are enjoying colorful events during the festival in a very peaceful environment.

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