Hunzo-e-Qaumi Maraka demands handing over of spillway expansion work to China

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Karimabad, May 26 (PR): Hunzo-e-Qaumi Maraka met here under the leadership of Wazir Mujahidullah Baig. Detailed discussions were held regarding the political, economic and social issues of Hunza Valley, in the context of the on-going lake disaster in upper parts of the valley. Discussions were also held about resolution of the Hunza – Nagar district headquarter issue.

According to a press note, the Maraka expressed ‘deep concern’ over inability of the relevant organizations to drain the dammed Hunza River and rehabilitate the people affected by 04/01 landslide at Attabad. Unequivocal support was offered to demands of the affectees for compensation and rehabilitation. It was said that the people of Ayeenabad, Shishkat and Gulmit should either be monetarily compensated or they should be provided with alternate land for rebuilding houses.

About the Hunza – Nagar issue, the Maraka leaders remarked that the current discourse in this regards was ‘anti-people’ and the GBLA reps from the district should express more maturity. It was demanded that the district headquarter should be established at a place that provides ease of access to people from parts of the district.

The Maraka also demanded doubling of the GBLA seat for Hunza –Nagar. “The elected leaders have failed to even raise a resolution in the assembly to ensure provision of the second seat for Hunza”, the release notes, while also highlighting the cultural and historical significance of the valley. “Converting two former princely states into a district does not resolve their issues”, the release states.

Other issues, including inflation, ensuring merit in hiring of officials for the district administration, disruption of power supply as well as lack of health facilities were also discussed during the meeting. Construction of smaller dams for power generation was demanded.

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  1. yea this is nice decision to hand over the spillway work to China The FWO and the govt has failed to give relief to the people of Upper Hunza .

  2. thanks God at last the sleeping ppl of hunza rise …. but their is doubt … jis tarah hunza k pary likhy logo ny NGOs c bari tankhawa ly k khamosh hua hy isi taraha kahi ya log b …… ager in mai garyat jaga hy to shukar hy ….

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