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Affectees of Gojal have primary labouring rights at Hussaini boatyard, Progressive Youth Front and Labour Party of Pakistan

Press Release  Hunza, August 7: People of Gojal who have been directly affected by the dammed Hunza River have primary labouring rights over the Hussaini Boatyard. These views have been expressed in a press release issued by the Progressive Youth Front and Labour Party of Pakistan. “There are no two...

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[Opinion] Education for a democratic society

Muhammad Ali  A democratic society requires people with certain attitude, values and skills in order to play their active role in the society. In cultivating such attitude and skill in the citizens, the role of education is viewed very crucial.  In democratic countries, therefore, education is given highly importance. Pakistan,...

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گوشہ اردو کی ابتدا

محترم قارئین  پامیر ٹائمز نے اردو زبان کا سیکشن، گوشہ اردو ، کے نام سے شروع کیا ہے. اس سلسلے کی پہلی دو تحریریں پڑھنے کے لیے مین مینو  میں گوشہ اردو کا وزٹ کریں ہر لکھاری کے لیے ایک الگ صفحہ مختص کیا جاۓ گا جہاں پر ان کی...

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Protests held in Sost against armed invasion of Hussaini and Borith

Gojal Youth accuses district administration of patronizing and facilitating the “armed invaders”  Locals demand operation clean-up at Sost and Attabad Spillway for weapons recovery PT Report Sost/Aliabad/Gilgit, August 6: Hundreds of residents of the border town of Sost staged a protest demonstration against the armed invasion of Hussaini and Borith...

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