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Jobless youth protest in Gilgit, accuse government of corruption and nepotism

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Gilgit, October 25: Around 200 jobless youth protested in Gilgit city, demanding an end to corruption and nepotism at different levels of the GB government. The youth had been mobilized by GB Graduates Association (GBGA).

Speaking at the occasion, the young graduates said that the situation can deteriorate if the government does not bring an end to the corrupt practices.

“The leaders should learn from revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya”, a speaker said, referring to the on-going Arab Spring revolution that has dethroned several dynasties in the Middle East region.

The protesters blocked a road for almost three hours, chanting slogans against the government for failing to ensure transparency in hirings in Agriculture Department.

The protesters dispersed peacefully after meeting with a government official who promised to convey their demands to the higher authorities.

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