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Double murder in the name of “honour”

Aliabaad, June 6: A man has killed his sister and her fiancé in a shocking incident of so-called “honour killing”, in Nasirabad village of Hunza.

According to details shared by a police source, a man named Muhamamd Nasim killed his sister and her fiancé on Thursday morning in the name of “honour”.

The victims and the murderer, all, are non-locals, hailing from Kohistan. They are “Sonewal”, locally called Jalawans, who gather gold from the Hunza River. They establish seasonal villages along the Hunza River to gather gold.

Police have arrested the murderer and registered cases of double murder and possession of illegal arms against him. The entire valley is in a state of shock.


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  1. I mean unless someone doesn’t open the details of news, it seems that this incident has happend within local people, please mention that they are “Sonewal” (jalawan) in headline.

    1. I am also convinced from the opinion of Ehsan Karim, please rephrase subject and headline of this shocking news, we have not such traditions of honor killing.

      1. I don’t think anything is wrong with heading. No region has been named in the heading, but the place from where the news has been reported need to be mentioned. that’s simple journalistic norm.

        Besides, those who think women are not killed in Hunza in the name of honour are living in the paradise of fools …… go and check the records at Police Station Aliabad, Gulmit and Sost to get some taste of reality …. shun the holier-than-thou image that is grounded in fallacy and delusion of sagacity …. I can count for you the number of incidents when women were brutally killed during the last five years in the name of honour and even before that

  2. @ Ehsan Karim Totally agree with u bro as we open the page the headlines welcomes with this shocking news so please don’t mention the name of Hunza this is not justice.

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