PSA organized Eid Milan and oath taking of new cabinet

Israr Salahuddin

Karachi, November 8: On the occasion of Eid-ul Azha Students from Passu residing in Karachi celebrated Eid Millian Party at Aga Khan Gymkhana. Large number of students and elders with their family from Passu participated in the party.

A special Dua was offered for the soul of Late Rai Ghulam uddin and the peoples lost in the churpusan tragedy.

Outgoing President of Passu Students Association Asad Karim, presented annual report for the year 2010-2011, and highlighted activities of the association.

Mr. Habib-ur Rehman Senior Vice-president The First Micro- Finance Bank was chief gust of the event. In his speech he applauded PSA’s role for providing a platform for the students to utilizing their energies in positive manner. Mr. Habib also applauded the services of Rai Ghulam uddin for his services to the people of Gojal specially his services for education and culture, and declared his personality as role model for the young generation of the Gojal.

The gathering was also addressed by Dr. Abdul Rehman, Associate Professor Surgery, Aga Khan University, Karachi. Beside appreciating the work of PSA, he praised the effort of Late Rai Ghulam uddin for dedicating his life for the uplifting the standard of life of the people of Gojal, through his contribution in Education and Health and asked the participants to not forget his services which he rendered to the people of Gojal.

Oath taking ceremony of the newly cabinet also took place during the program; Mr. Waheed Murad was selected president of the association for the year 2012-13.

The program was followed by lunch .

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  1. It is immense pleasure for me to know that Passu Students Association is trying its level best to facilitate the students as well as organizing them. I was glad to notice that most of my students are involved in this social development activity. My best wishes and prayers are for the organization as well as for all my beloved students. Best memories of passuic and my students will remain with us. I realy miss the visiting of Ubdegar where a yak had attacked on me.

    Ali Mehr
    Danyore Gilgit

  2. its grate to see our student are doing very great work in P.S.A and best of luck for the new cabinet members…..

  3. Ehsan Karim, For your information, people like you dislike unity, learning and productive activities. If there is any grey areas, please let us know.

    Xikvor rav xinakth ki ” kho bichkam thayeen”

  4. First of all i don’t dislike unity, learning n productive activities(Most of people do so) and i don’t even know PSF. I am Lahore based.
    Most importantly wise people learn from both the followers and opponents. My point was PSF should work upon those reason if they are valid that’s it.

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