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Delegation of Hunza college students met Senator Saleem Saifullah

Senator Saleem addressing a delegation of students from Govt. College Aliabad (Hunza)

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Islamabad, January 3: A delegation of students from Government College Aliabad (Hunza) visited the parliament house in Islamabad. They were briefed by Senator Saleem Saifullah on the role of legislation and legislature in development of the country.

The youth were told to ‘engage in positive and constructive activities’. Speaking at the occasion Senator Saif, who also heads the Standing Committee on Gilgit – Baltistan, said that the season is appropriate for opening of the dammed Hunza River.

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  1. Students’ meeting with politicians/leaders of national level is a positive sign for the GB academic institutions, that depicts a mature move in right direction. Such engagements help building confidence and courage in the youth, our future leaders, and understanding issues of country/international significance, particularly for the GB where there is dearth of responsible leadership. I appreciate organizers of the study trip, which is quite deviation to the routine ones where students do not utilise their time and financial resources on learning.

  2. Indeed it’s an excellent idea to arrange such sessions with the govt leaders in the capital. Doing so, students will represent the whole Gilgit-Baltistan and will have direct conversation with the icons of Power. This will ultimately bring confidence, maturity and leardership qualities in our youth. Bravo for the students and thumbs up for the organizers…

  3. Indeed, we are proud of our youth who have been playing active role in the development of our country. However, at the same time, our youth’s mind is diverted toward things which impacts on their career and their societies. Youth is losing his concentration on sourroundings , what is happening every day. It is indeed important to remind our youth not to choose or do things which do not show any positive result.
    No matters what others think, but i think that our youth is more focusing on useless things as compared to the things which are helpful for them as well as their societies. Therefore, our youth has need not to step back if they have already chosed the path of success. Indeed, we all have to be good examples for our upcoming generation so that they can feel proud of us.

  4. I think this is a very constructive dialogue, and i think the students will learn a lot from seasoned and respected politicans like Senator Saleem Saifullah. I urge more such exercises between students and political leaders.

  5. I agree the comments of Ms.Aaliya, because the only tool for success is quality education. Our youth should not indulge in dirty politics.Yes, there are good politicians as well as bad, but one can’t get any thing from politicians in a rein of dirty politics and chaos.Youth must restrain visiting politicians, instead try to visit wise personalities, prestigous institutions,humble peaple so that the conscience of the youth be satisfied.I request the youth of GB to stay away from the dirty politics.Concerntrade on their studies, be ready to meet the challanges face by them in future.

    Jehangir Shah

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