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DSP Ibrahim Shot Dead in Gilgit, PPP leaders see ‘conspiracy’

PT Report 

Gilgit, January 4: A senior Police official, DSP Ibrahim, has been killed by unknown assailants.

According to reports, the DSP was fired upon by unknown assailants at around 0715 PM in the evening near Nagaral/Kashrote Link road, in front of his house. He was immediately shifted to the District Headquarters Hospital where he succumbed to his fatal injuries.

DSP Ibrahim was a resident of Astore District currently posted in the capital city of Gilgit – Baltistan region.

The exact cause of this attack could not be ascertained immediately. Nobody has claimed responsibility for the high profile murder.

Law enforcing bodies had arrested several people during the last couple of days in connection with target killings that have spread fear in the city.

PPP leaders have been saying that a conspiracy is afoot to destabilize the current governance structure promulgated through a presidential order. These leaders believe that ‘hidden hands’ don’t want the set-up to succeed.

Critics, however, blame the government for failing to establish a strong judicial system in the region, despite of putting institutions in place. The Chief Minister’s persistent absence from Gilgit city is also being seen as a symbol of his disinterest in affairs of the region. The GBLA members disagree, maintaining that there is lack of resources and manpower, while elements within the communities are sympathetic towards target killers and protect them, by providing hiding space.

The deterioration of security situation has further jeopardized the prospects of revival tourism, one of the biggest contributors to the region’s economy.

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  1. Failure of the corrupt government,,,,why these things are happening because the politicians are busy in looting the country and they don’t care about the problems of the common people…

  2. Its all due to curruption in the GB Police department and due to no judiciary system in the new province. Its, indeed a big message to police department, agencies and the local government that a DSP and a Labour, a topman and a common man were killed in one day.
    It means the failure of the local goverenment and the above departments. If it is not controlled it seems that the next turn would be any GBLA member. If torrorism is controlled in the big cities of Pakistan then why not in Gilgit which is a small city.

    Rahman Posh

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