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Protests continue in Diamer, KKH remains blocked

PT Report

Gilgit, January 9: Angry protesters continued the blockade of Karakuram Highway in Diamer District. The protesters have refused to open the road till resolution of their demands.

The protests started on Sunday against murder of one Abdul Wakil in Gilgit city.

The protesters have demanded that the murderer of Abdul Wakil should be hanged till death. They have also demanded that prominent Shia personalities, including CM Mehdi Shah, Justice Jafar Shah, MLA Razi Rizvi, MLA Deedar Ali and Major (r) Hussain Shah, to visit Chilas and assure the protesters that lives of the people will be protected in Gilgit.

The protesters have also rejected the governance package and demanded that a new province should be crafted which should include Kohistan and Chitral also.

The protesters have also demanded that the government should pay 3 million rupees to family of Abdul Wakil.

Thousands of commuters are suffering due to the blockade of Karakuram Highway.

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  1. Just cannot understand or appreciate why people block KKH and cut off livelihood of hundreds of citizens of GB.
    What are law enforcement agencies doing if they cannot get KKH cleared.

  2. Do not try to be ignorent, ppl of diamir have already shown enough tolrance, half a dozen dead bodies (including of women – women are not tragetted traditionally in GB) have been sent to diamir from Gilgit & still no one has been punished.Instead of blamming ppl of diamir support them so that criminals are punished & peace is restored , otherwise I am afriad a Parachinar type situation can be the worst scenario.

  3. Wht abt d student of skrdu???? Who has been maryted in juglot a week earlier n wht abt 9-10 othr persons who had lost their lives in chilas frm 2007 to upto now…??? Their only crime was tht thy belongs to shia sect… So its nt one sided,,, bth sects has to realize their responsibilty othr wise….

  4. killings in gilgit city are an old tactic to divide n rule… but now people know how to fight against the 64 years old atrocities….

  5. with full of sorrows and grief I am here by share that in the gilgit still we are not becoem a simple and how we were considered as Muslim? The atmological meaning of Muslim is not shooting each other but help every human not only muslim…… the innoncent student was shoot while he was coming after a long time and their parents were waiting for his arrival and take him in their loving arms ….. being a human the killer send only dead body to parents . how targic and sorrowful and the other hand Abdul wakeel from chilas directly shoot him in the presence of his family. these values and concepts of killing not belongs to human values. Be a human first and then become a simple Muslim . otherwise we should considered ourself as the BEAST of Jungle or a hungry bears for hunting Gilgit
    thanks saleh

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