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Four boards established to run government departments smoothly in GB

Asim Iqbal

Islamabad, January 26: The management committee of Gilgit Baltistan Council has decided to set up boards of four departments. The decision was taken at a meeting of Council chaired by Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan, Mian Manzoor Wattoo. Governer Pir karam Ali Shah,Chief Minister Mehdi Shah,members of GB Council,Chief Secretary, Secretary KANA division and other officials attented the meeting.

It was decided that Hydroelectric board, Tourism board, Minerals board and Forestry Board would be set up to regularize the matters of concerned departments.

The committee also approved the recommendations for structure of Hydro-Electric board. According to details, the Hydro-Electric board will consist of ten members, including chairman and a vice chairman. Federal Minister for Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan affairs Mazorr wattoo will be Chairman of the body while Chief Minister Mehdi Shah will be the Vice Chairman. Other members will be Minister Power, Chief Secretary, Secretary power and Secretary KANA division will be its member along with representative each from WAPDA and Energy Commission, as well as two member of the GB Council.

The decision regarding the structure of rest of the three boards postponed till next meeting of the management committee.

The final recommendations will be sent to prime Minister for approval and after that the bodies will come into existence.

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