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Wheat subsidy is not being withdrawn: Mehdi Shah

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Gilgit, October 16: Syed Mehdi Shah has said that the subsidy on wheat is not being withdrawn. He explained that the hike in price is as a result of the increase in prices of various petroleum products, which have led to increased transportation costs.

He has said that the different groups are playing with sentiments of the public and using them for political gains. He said that such moves will fail.

Shah also said that wheat subsidy is a gift of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Shaheed for the people of GB and its withdrawal is “out of question”.

Meanwhile, PMLN’s Chief Organizer, Hafeezur Rehman has said that the government shall reverse the decision or get ready to face the music. He has said that the protesters from Ghizar will be welcomed in Gilgit. “We will play our role for success of the movement”, Hafeez told media.

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