Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

CM meets Agha Rahat Hussain, requests withdrawal of deadline

Asim Iqbal

March 4: Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan on Sunday visited Cenrteral Imamia Mosque and met Agha Rahat, Sheikh Mirza Ali and MLA Dedar Ali. CM Mehdi Shah expressed his greif sorrow over the Kohistan tragedy and assured the leaders of Shia community that all those who involved in the barbaric incedent would be brought to justice at all cost. Senior minister Muhammad Jaffar,Wazir Shkeel and Muhammad Ismail were also accompanied with chief Minister.

During the meeting, leaders of shia community apprised CM about the people’s concern and demanded that all the terrorists involved in the kohistan carnage should be arrested within the dead line given by Anjuman Imamia otherwise agitation movement would be launched across the region. Army should be deployed on KKH for security, they demanded.

Chief Minister Mehdi Shah assured the Shia leaders that government would implement the charter of demand however he requested them to withdraw the dead line. CM said that no stone will be left un-turned to ensure peace in the region and government will not compromise on its writ”.

Meanwhile, talking to media CM rejected the rumours of imposing curfew for search operation and said that army would not be called Gilgit to maintain law and order

1 thought on “CM meets Agha Rahat Hussain, requests withdrawal of deadline

  1. It is with great sadness that I see too little being done about “law and order” .. and once again we are looking at passing time and making promises that will go nowhere.
    The deadline should be kept, promises upheld and the criminals brought to justice. The whole government and establishment should be sleepless and motivated till the time these culprits and their masters are caught, tried and punished. NO EXCUSES … WE NEED RESULTS.

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