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Inaction and negligence of DCs in Gilgit and Diamer behind delays in payment of KKH compensation

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March 12: The provision of compensation to owners of land affected by expansion of KKH has been delayed owing to the negligence of the local administration. According to sources, deputy commissioners in Diamer and Gilgit district have shown least interest in completion of file work, for provision of the compensation to people who have been or are likely to be affected during the implementation of KKH expansion project.

Sources revealed that the Deputy Commissioner of Hnza-Nagar has already handed over the documents of the affectees in that district to National Highway Authority. However, they are deprived of the funds because of the negligence of the two other affected districts. “NHA plans to pay the compensation simultaneously to all districts and the payment will remain delayed till completion of the paper work in the two other districts”, a source informed.

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  1. This is no justification,Delay tecktic will be the weakness of the present Govt and big loss for the PPP Leaders,please tack it sieriously,If the payment is more delay,frustration will increase,

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