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KKH Security : Less Measures, More Rhetoric

Gilgit: Dozens of buses, coasters and vans wait at a security check post in Diamer District. PT Photo

Gilgit: Dozens of buses, coasters and vans wait at a security check post in Diamer District. PT Photo

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Gilgit, March 15: The promises of “enhanced security measures” on the Karakuram Highway have appeared to be nothing more than rhetoric and gimmicks, as reported  by passengers.

“There is no visible deployment of forces in the Kohistan region”, a passenger who wished to remain unidentified told Pamir Times. “The passengers as stopped for several hours in middle of the road, till dawn”, he said.

“We were stopped at Thalichi for hours”, the passenger said. He complained that the government instead of enhancing the security has resorted to imposing restrictions on bus operators and passengers.

The government maintains that these harsh measures are imperative for protection of the passengers.

The Kohistan administration has, allegedly, refused to provide security to the hundreds of buses and vans passing through the Karakruam Highway during night time, moving between Gilgit, Skardu and Rawalpindi.

There are also reports that bus operators in Rawalpindi and Gilgit have been barred from sending vehicles during the night time.

5 thoughts on “KKH Security : Less Measures, More Rhetoric

  1. Instead of catching some one dozen criminals they force hundreds of commuters to travel in forced “police custody” for many years now without any significant outcome. They believe that these these travelers commit “crimes and robberies”, therefore, they should be treated like that. What a strange myopic solution to these problems! It happens only in our part of the world

  2. We need to collectively demand for solving core issues of GB instead of looking at issues in isolation. Otherwise such incidences will be repeated time and again, taking advantage of our fragile society. The demand for reversal of enhanced wheat prices unanimously was a positive omen and its possible success could pave the way voicing for control of our resources like royalty of Indus, KKH, Diamir Dam etc.Empowerment of our GBLA in letter and spirit is also one of our core issues. We have been severely suffering since 1988 and fixing responsibility of Kohistan incident again on foreign hand will serve not help chalk out a durable solution to our trauma. We should be looking into this incident in the context of long-standing issues of GB as well as the continuation of such incidences since 1988 and beyond.

  3. Adding with this when our so called GBLA will be able to take some quick action against the PIA flights. Now a days hundreds of passengers are waiting in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.After the inccident of Kohistan Mr CM assured the GB people that he will order to operate C130. But what the hell going with the people of this region, no flights still and on the other hand there is no any security on KKH for safe travel.
    is there any one to take some steps…….. i dont think so and i think every one is useless and hopeless….. Please GOD help us .

  4. this is the fullish thing that this govt is doing.
    we must not expect any thing from these members if they are brave then tell them to travell byroad without any security.
    then they will be able to knw hw much hard is this to do with their families and children.

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