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Income Tax being imposed in Gilgit – Baltistan: Gillani

Wheat Subsidy not being withdrawn: PM

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Islamabad, March 21: A special committee constituted within the GB Council for developing proposals on imposition of tax in the region has finalized its recommendations. Income tax  will be imposed in Gilgit – Baltistan “to meet development needs”.

This was stated by prime minsiter Yusuf Raza Gillani on Wednesday while chairing the third session of GB Council here in the Federal capital. Gillani congratulated the GB Council on its accomplishment.

Gillani said that Tourism‚ Electricity‚ Forest‚ and Mineral development fall under the legislative list of the Gilgit-Baltistan Council‚ but the 2009 Rules of Business provided for their temporary administration by the GB Government.

He believed settlement on these subjects has taken place whereby new structures are being proposed for management which would clearly demarcate the areas of respective jurisdiction between the Council and the Government.

Gillani urged the GB Council and government to work together for distribution of compensation among the people affected by Diamer – Bhasha dam.

Prime Minister Gilani also said that the wheat subsidy will not be withdrawn and GB will get get in the National Finance Commission (NFC). This, he said, would help the regional government to implement more development projects in the region, while overcoming the financial difficulties.

The meeting was attended CM Mehdi Shah, federal minister Manzoor Watto and GBC members, Muhammad Ibrahim, Professor Saleem, AttaUllah Shahab, Jhangir Badar, Chief Secrertary Saif Ullah Chattah and officials of ministry of Kashmir affairs and Gilgit Baltistan attended the meeting.

8 thoughts on “Income Tax being imposed in Gilgit – Baltistan: Gillani

  1. Imposing TAX in GB needs to be conditioned with giving full CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to the people of the region by providing seats in both the HOUSES. If that is not fulfilled and the government wants to play some other games with the region, then the people of the region reserve the right to fully resist the proposal. Elected representatives from GB should make wise decisions and secure the future of the region through negotiations and dialogue.

  2. wat a joke—- people are suffering from poverty,they dont have money to buy food pay their bils educate their children and govt is bent upon to impose Tax.What the hell is going on—

  3. There are four levels of citizenship in Pakistan: First at the top those elite class who go to parliament(mostly feudal and criminals in the words of Mr. Imran Khan);secondly, the general masses of the four provinces of Pakistan; thirdly the minorities of Pakistan and fourthly the people of Gilgit-Baltistan who have not any say in the parliament… Naturally it is easy for the rulers in Islamabad to impose their decision whatever….so they will not heed to the International law of “No taxation without representation”

  4. The people of GB are already suffering from acute poverty as there are less opportunities to generate income. While in urban areas where industries and other sources of income are available. Next, the people have no representation in both houses of the parliament and according to the UN law that there will be not taxation with representation. The current Political set up of GB is temporary one and the the so called province still exists without autonomy and sovereignty.

  5. there is not any relation between GB and income tax..
    1- pak govt earning much more from the SOST dry port.

    2- from the Indus river

    3- tourism

    4- forest

    5- minerals
    and what she pays in return of that to GB.
    only NIC from nadra is not enough…
    we should have the right of

    1-representation in lower n upper houses…
    2- employment,s in govt, position


  6. it is as simple as abc that constitutionally GB is not part of Pakistan it is in the possession of Pakistan but still the legal status is pending not anywhere else but at UN office. so imposing tax in GB is against the constitution of Pakistan not only against international law. therefore the government is requested not to abrogate your own law and constitution please!

  7. This is a step in the right direction to generate revenue from within the area to be used for the development of the area. I believe the status of GB in terms of taxation shall be more or less like AJK, who generates revenue for their infrastructure development and provisioning of civic facilities to their people.

  8. I think income tax should be imposed but through a separate board of revenue independently established in GB. In other words Federal Government should not pool the Income tax revenue from GB in the FBR. Instead it should go directly to the Board of Rvenue in GB.

    In this way the revenue from GB could be utilised in development of GB and there would be no sense of insecurity for GB people.

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