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4 and 5: the routes to sectarian divisions and disharmony

Gilgit: Two major sects in the city have apparently decided to operate separate transport system

Gilgit: Two major sects in the city have apparently decided to operate separate transport system

Analytical Report

Sectarian divide in the Gilgit city seems to have reached the zenith, with two major sects choosing separate routes for commutation and transportation. The routes have been named “Route 4” and “Route 5”, figures linked with history and religious beliefs.

“Route 4” has, reportedly, been started by some members of the Ahl-e-Sunnat and it exclusively passes through Sunni majority parts of Gilgit city.

“Route 5”, on the other hand, had been started by some members of Shia community, designed to pass through Shia majority parts and provide exclusive services to the particular community.

Strange as it may seem, this is not the first incident of dividing or attempting to divide public amenities on sectarian lines. Already, several schools, hospitals and businesses have been segmented on the basis of sectarian affiliations and priorities. While the government officials refuse to accept that there are sectarian “no-go” areas in the city, in reality the people of both sects cannot dare to visit some parts of their own city out of fear for life.

Such dangerous schism kills any hope for peace and reconciliation. By literally living in silos and avoiding interactions, the communities are systematically failing all efforts aimed at forging unity and restoring peace.

One may not be able to downplay the security fears of the people belonging to both sects, but instead of pressing the government and state to provide more security the people have started building walls around themselves.These delusional walls, instead of providing security, will lead to moral, cultural and social suffocation, a situation that is unlikely to bring anything good to the society. Instead of giving protection, it will further deepen and widen the chasm and increase the vulnerability.

The residents of Gilgit city have a history of living together peacefully, despite of believing in different interpretations of Islam and there seems to be no reason why they shall not  move back towards that era of harmony and peace. Peace is a cherished dream of all residents of Gilgit city and all of us want harmony and prosperity. However, nobody will be able to restore peace and harmony if people choose to live in silos.

Local people should vocally demanded of the government and administration to take notice of the situation and stop the process of systematic segmentation of the society.

The deepening and brazen process of divide is an alarm bell that shall wake the elected leader up. The GBLA needs to stand up and assert itself and prove its usefulness for the society. The Governor and Chief Minister along with an army of ministers and advisers seem to be silent spectators, as the city implodes socially, culturally and economically.

The only hope in this abysmal state of affairs might be the educated youth belonging to all sects of the society. They can be mobilized to raise voices against the forces of division and disharmony. They will have to unanimously refuse to be part of this game of divisions.

12 thoughts on “4 and 5: the routes to sectarian divisions and disharmony

  1. This is really a very unfortunate situation in Gilgit, which is the hub of Gilgit Baltistan and centre for all the development activities in the area. It is a shame as well as a source of concern for all of us as this sort of situation does not exist in today’s civilized world. The role of religion in society is to eradicate conflicts and differences and create unity, peace and tranquility in society and the very true meaning of TAWHEED is unity. I urge the GB government to take this matter very seriously and address the issues at different levels and the people of the areas will support it. I appreciate the attitude and role of the youth in this regard.

  2. indeed it is unfortunate and will stretch the gap further where bridging will be impossible. Until we stay following uneducated leaders and intolerant mullahs we will get this as end result. We should not expect anything from current government (administration) they are the main cause of this diversion, because they are enjoying their luxuries life by creating sectarian violence in the city. We are getting nice pics of government officials on social sites and in News Blogs, it seems government has started modeling agency, which is a good sign of glamorous government job….
    Youth should come forward keeping the religion (sect) aside and think that what is wrong and what is right, bridge the gap. Let youth to decide their future..

  3. The role of the elected representatives in GB has come to an end and they have no right to govern any more. Such hateful decisions are very much dangerous for the already deteriorated mindsets. We must seek such a way where we can shake hands to create an environment of peaceful co-existence rather widening the gap. It is a million dollar idea for the educated youth of all communities of interpretation to come forward and nullify such decisions of division and play a positive role to bring back peace and harmony in the region. As we we all better know that majority of the inhabitants of all both the communities want peace that is why suing this strength some emotionally charged individuals can be dealt easily.

  4. A true diagnosis of the ailing body, indeed. Agreeing also to Mr. Aslam’s suggestive comments, I invite all the youth, to raise up beyond all these fortified walls of negligence and impatience which can only lead to extreme boundries of darkness and unacceptablity for each other.

    I also request youth, in particular, join such illuminating torch bearers and to reject those ill-informed, ill-educated, and ill-intended so-called writers and ersatz intelectuals who use to make of profits through converting such situations into their advantage.

  5. Unfortunate but this is the reality of Muslim world.The current Arab revolution in Egypt, Tunisia ,Libya and currently in Syria are strongly based on sectarian ideologies sponsored by CIA and Arab kingdom to curb the Shia domination in Iraq ,Syria, Beirut and in Arab kingdoms. There are existing sectarian and ethnic fault lines in GB like other provinces of Pakistan moving on fast track toward anarchy. our educational and social sectors are on the verge of collapse ,corruption ,nepotism and injustice is on rise and what more is needed to be declared a failed state?

  6. A pathetic situation indeed. This division is not confined to the existing foolish masses but it will also ravage the future of generations yet to come.
    The man has stepped on mars and we are still in the dilemma of shia and suuni. We are shia or sunni or something like this stuff, what a better world we would have made had we beeen only MUSLIMS.

  7. The ultimate objective of religion is to gain power and to rule… The history of Christianity and Islam is its best example and evidence. The world would have been very peaceful if there was no religion.

  8. Mr Sajjad i hope u are living without religion.If not then u should give up your religion before giving comment on religion.I am not going in details,how religion help you to differntiate between right and wrong.

  9. This is really the climax of lawlessness…n by the way why should people obey law… when the govt. tramples…the law….really said…really unfortunate…

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