Islamic Concept of a Muslim Society

Nael Khan

Islamic teachings and Islamic governance envisage peace, tranquility and justice. The implementation of rules and regulations without differentiation amongst the poor and wealthy, officer or low cadre has been the hall mark of Islamic justice system. Developed nations followed the Islamic injunctions with strict implementation of rules as per their own system. Unfortunately we being Pakistani, the country created in the name of Two Nation Theory, are teetering on the brink of internal conflict and religious disharmony. The root cause may be the internal frustration evolved due to lack of justice and implementation of law.

The recent sectarian conflict in Gilgit – Baltistan depicts the deteriorating fabric of societal religious and human values. Human life is a sacred trust which entails responsibility upon all other fellow human to protect and care each other’s lives. Due to unidirectional interpretation of Islam by the religious fraternity, peace, love and trust has been replaced by hatred, intolerance and violence.

Muslims have been entrusted with two obligations in Islam. The one relates with obligations to be fulfilled for Allah and the other obligation for the fellow human beings i.e Huquq-ul-ibad. It is pertinent to mention that God himself has emphasized more upon the accountability on fulfillment of second obligation. Allah has offered forgiveness on negligence for performing his obligations; however the negligence on obligations of fellow human being could only be forgiven by that particular human being.

The true essence of Islam lies in respect, love, humility, tolerance and ethics. However the religious leaders have turned the attention of fellow Muslims towards centuries old differences. Differences are bound to exist in every religion and it enables gradual evolution for formation of pluralistic society.

The society must be taught to live in harmony, promoting debate and discussion on conflicting issues. Why the Muslims forget the practical demonstration by the prophet Muhammad confronting his rivals? The most famous incident is of the old woman who daily used to throw dirt on our Prophet (PBUH)! How did he act on absence of the routine by that old woman?

On one hand our Prophet (PBUH), the most reverend personality, presented himself and left an everlasting lesson of humility and tolerance, while on the other our religious leaders today are spitting venom against one other. It is incumbent over the religious leaders to realign the direction of misguided Muslims. A saying of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) reveals, ‘’ A true Muslim is one who never harms the other fellow Muslim with his hands and tongue’’.

Islamic virtues envisage peace, tranquility and harmony. The ruthless killings of fellow Muslims on sectarian basis may engulf the whole society in Allah’s wrath. Allah has blessed us with a beautiful region and it is our duty to protect His blessings. Killing, hatred and violence would spread to our next generations if sanity didn’t prevail.

Students, intelligentsia, scholars and the professionals along with politicians from Gilgit – Baltistan must give serious thought to bury the differences and move forward with positive attitude.

For long we have been focusing our positive energies on non-issues. Let us leave that path and live together with religious harmony, peace and love.

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