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Cases registered against Nagar kidnappers and others involved in Gilgit violence

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April 17: Gilgit police has registered FIR against a man for his alleged involvement in the April 3 bomb attack on rally of Tanzeem Ahle Sunnat wal Jamat. Meanwhile, Hunza-Nager police has also registered 7 cases against people allegedly involved in killing of a youth of Gilgit and kidnapping  of 33 people, including a civil judge and district health officer.According to details Gilgit police has registered FIR against Zulfiqar Ali under terrorism act on the complaint of Abdul Hafeez son of Shamsher Khan. The Complainant accused Zulfiqar Ali, a resident of Minawar currently based in Gilgit, of hurling a hand Grenada on the rally of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamat at Itehad Chowk, which caused the death of at least 3 people and injured more than 50.

The sectarian riots erupted in Chilas in response to the greande attack in Gilgit, taking the lives of at least 9 people.



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  1. The government should put Mr. Zulfiqar Ali behind bars for rest of his life with the other terrorist in GB so he’ll not attack, hurt or kill any innocent people again. But this said that government needs to carefully investigate the case because we don’t want someone who is not committed such acts could be sentenced and we’ll regard for doing something without knowing.

  2. The hand grenade attack was attempted in the presence of law enforcement agencies, and they would be the authentic eye witness. They should be punish without any discrimination. and should be investigate carefully this tragedy.The investigation is also needed against the people,who immediately after this mishap, release the Futwa that “The Shia Muslim are Wajibul Qatal. and should kill them where ever they are” Islam is not such narrow mind religion that without confirmation one can never be killed.That was not good practice to take revenge that what ever is happening at GILGIT, should not compensate by killing or kinapping other innocents. (Weather at Chilas of Nagar)

  3. Have we forgotten when all of this actually started? In Feb a bus full of passengers were pulled out and killed because they were shia. The killers raided the bus dressed as security guards and demanded to see each passenger’s national ID card. Shia passengers were pulled off the bus and slaughtered. Have these killers been brought to justice?

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