Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

GB legislators oppose SC verdict against Gilani

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Gilgit: Declaring the court’s decision against Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani an attack on democracy Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan Mehdi Shah,Senior Minister Muhammad Jafer,Local Bodies Minister Engineer Ismail said that PM had been punished for upholding the constitution.

Talking to media CM Mehdi Shah blamed “Judiciary is aggressive against Pakistan People’s Party and conviction of an elected and democratic prime minister for not violating any law is a clear proof of it”.

Senior Minister Muhammad Jafer terming the 26th April a black day said judiciary had always victimized PPP leaders “we will continue our struggle for the supremacy of law in the country and no conspiracy can derail the democratic system” he added.

Engineer Ismail expressing reservations on the verdict said that prime minister had been punished because he respected the law and constitution and did not write the letter to swiss authorities against the president because according to the constitution president had immunity.

Criticizing the opposition parties he said “black faces can not be turned white and people cannot be misled by those who in the past attacked judiciary and stoned the respected judges.

6 thoughts on “GB legislators oppose SC verdict against Gilani

  1. It is a shamful movement for the ruling party and perhaps a black day in the history of Pakistan. Mr. Mehdi Shah and the his gang is requested to look into the matter of the worst security situatn in GB instead of waisting time and resoand protecting a convicted person.

  2. oh my GOD look at who is saying this??? it means supreme court should allow these people to even sell our country.. we need asame chief justice in GB as well.

  3. shame on u mehdi shah,this man is convicted by supreme court he must resign and go back to his home in Multan. He is no more a prime minister.

  4. actually these all are the gang of Ali Baba and Forty Thieves.our puppet n so-called political leaders of GB are not aware of the things and what they really do is that they aupport the central govt in every black and white.Gillani is convicted and one day or the other he had to face the music.all the corrupt people should be charged. SC has done an execellent job and v expect the same from our own local judiciary as well.

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