Gilgit - Baltistan

Lahore: GB students hold candle light vigil for victims, condemn violence and hatred

Amjad Ali

Lahore, April 28: Students of Gilgit – Baltistsan from different universities, colleges and schools gathered today at Liberty Chowk to demonstrate in favor of peace. The protesters condemned violence. Holding placards and banners, the demonstrators called for peace and harmony in the region. They also appreciated the role of people who saved lives and helped restoration of harmony and peace in the region.

The protesters later lit candles to pay homage to the victims and martyrs. The event was organized by Gilgit – Baltistan Social Welfare Organization.

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  1. Excellent dear all students. all of you are the builders of the future and assets of GB. Develop integration amongst you and be above all types of prejudice and worked hard in studies as well to cope your destination.

    Ali Mehr

  2. I appreciat the joint effort of all the students of GB it is a good signed of unity and struggle for peace. we must continue it at all level.GB is not the name of one place. It is one of the largest peace of land on the map of pakistan with diversed culturs, sects,tribes,and induviduals we have strong respect for all as human being to keep peace in the area and it is our main oblegation to provide safty to all human being.

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