Gilgit - Baltistan

Rhythms of Spring – Colours from Gojal Valley

Photographer: Asghar Khan

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  1. Dear Looplol
    very nice pictures of Ghulkin & gulmit village really fabulous pictures…

  2. Boku Mo Sukiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,,,,,,
    Haru wo aisuru hito ha,,,,,,Boku no tomodachi,,,

  3. beautiful, may Allah bless your beauty for ever..Ameen..
    May Allah sustain your nature for ever..Love you Hunza and Gojal…

  4. Dear Asghar,

    You reminded me of my birth place, childhood walks, trekking, schooling, hiking, prayer times, and rain walks. Many thanks. I can easily compare Gulmit-Gojal, Hunza village with its Kamaris-Adver Muhallah heights with Islamabad and Bhurban but find its beauty uncomparable and competable.

    May God bless our motherland.

    Best regards,

    Mehmood Hunzai

  5. It’s of immense pleasure to see these pictures of our homeland. May God bless us with many more. Ameen

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