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Gojal: Ghulkin and Hussaini reconnected through link road

Ghulkin: Construction of the link road was a longstanding demand of the local people. Photo: Asghar Khan

PT Report

Ghulkin, May 3: A link road between Hussaini and Ghulkin village of Gojal has been complete and opened for light traffic. The two villages had been disconnected due to submergence of the Karakuram Highway.

The link road will facilitate residents of Gojal Valley as well as the business community. The link road is, however, vulnerable to GLOFs originating from a glacier located between Ghulkin and Hussaini. Already a number of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs) have taken place, considerably damaging trees and the land.

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  1. This shows the strength of UNITY. We congratulates to every individuals who participated voluntarily in this Great cause.

    The title seems a bit irrelevance because this road facilitation the 27,000 population of Gojal not only Ghulkin and Hussainee.

    Also it contribute the movement of the people of China and Pakistan in their movement and business.

    A historical coherence of volunteer and BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE THE PEOPLE.

    Our salute goes to all the people whom donated their lands for this road without any compensations.


    Engineer Baig Ali-Islamabad

  2. It gave me immense pleasure that the road from Hussaini to Gulkin has been constructed. Congratulation to the volunteers, elders of the villages around for this successful work. it will enables the people to travel safely and smoothly.

  3. great work but people must keep the ground realities in front of them present in the GLOF area.

  4. Great work. Hard work pays off. May God have mercy upon us and tie in a single knot forever.

  5. for all that this link rode is the effarts of ghulkin youth nt GB Gvt plz bee awear about

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