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Water level rising in the dammed Hunza River

Gulmit: A comb showing the latest level of water in Gulmit. Part of the area now under water had resurfaced in March this year. Photo: Zaheer Bari

Our Correspondent

Gulmit, June 23: With rise in temperature and the resultant melting of ice, the water level in dammed Hunza River has started rising again. Recently resurfaced areas in Gulmit went under the water again. The water level is likely to increase more as the temperature keeps raising till the end of July or Mid August.

The Frontier Works Organization’s second attempt to lower the water level had completely failed, resulting in only 2-4 feet of height reduction.

The local people have expressed frustration and disappointment over the situation. The demand for removing FWO from the drainage task and engaging an expert and equipped team, most probably Chinese, is increasing the region, with the GB Chamber of Commerce and Industries also putting their weight behind the demand.

The government, however, is tight-lipped over the issue.

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  1. Untill the worst enemy of Hunza, the Planning Commission of Pakistan (that is directly monitoring the Attabad Spillway Project) and its corrupt allies i.e. WAPDA, NESPAK, FWO, Engieering Core and NDMA are in place, nothing could be done.Our elected political reps are happy and time and again appriciating the efforts of FWO from day one while the public are silient and dead. The only thing we can do is to wait untill the whole valley of Gojal is filled by siltation.

  2. Individualistic approaches are always dangerous and creates problems for the people. Atta Abad disaster was natural, but it could be solved with intelligent planning. But the responsible organizations are like vulture they are looking for the dead body. they are corps-eaters. it was their planning for the two years they misused the budget allocated to drain out the water, they have no any concern with the sufferings of the people except collecting mony. The people suffered allot but still they don’t understand. It needs to sensitize the people of the area for their rights.

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