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FIR registered against GB Finance Minister and others for attacking police station and freeing culprits

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Gilgit, July 23: GB Finance Minister, Muhammad Ali Akhtar, is in hot waters after the Chief Minister refused to favor him by blocking registration of an FIR against

Akhtar has a history of troubles, including a brawl with Muhammad Mussa, last year


The Finance Minister, a DSP along with a mob of up to 200 people had, reportedly, attacked the Sikandarabad Police Station and forcefully freed 6 youth from custody of the police. A son of the DSP was part of the detained group of youth

The 6 youth had been arrested for refusing to stop at a police check post and fleeing to a village. They had, reportedly, use fowl words for the police officials and threatened them with dire consequences.

After hearing the detention story, Finance Minister Muhammad Ali Akhtar, who is also involved in ‘border trade’, attacked the police station and freed the detained youth forcefully. He was accompanied by a Deputy Superintendent of Police and 200 other people.

The Chief Minister had had taken strong notice of the incident and ordered action against Akhtar. The Finance Minister, reportedly, tried to pressurize the CM by threatening resignation but Mehdi Shah did not budge to the tactics, saying everyone is equal in front of the law. Departmental investigation has also been launched against the DSP for threatening the Station House Officer and breaking the laws, by siding with a mob.

Last year Muhammad Ali Akhtar made headlines after he had a brawl with PPP CEC leader Muhammad Musa. He was also put to shame by a team of media who recovered ornamental statues of lions illegally picked from a bridge on the KKH, during the Attabad landslide incident.

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  1. This is the real face of Akhtar our so called finance minister, he should be kicked out of his post immediately.

  2. I am shocked of all those who were surprised of this incident?????
    Nobody should be…

  3. NO……. he should be kicked out the peoples from where he got votes.. Shame on him and like him. Weldone job by Police. appreciated

  4. Not a surprise for us in Pakistan as law is only for the poor and weak persons. Elite and mights are very much above the law. In civilized societies such people are forced to resign immediately and action is taken at the moment. If such practices go on unnoticed, who will and how will someone stop the other members of Assembly to do such deeds???

  5. It is not unexpected. From President to Minister of this corrupt decoit party are ruling this country with pride. As per the criminal record of this convicted person, M.A Akhter is concern it is very much open to the people from day one when he got the seat of Provincial Finance Minister. Theft of monument from Ganish Bridge, attacking on TV Cameramen who was projecting his crime, Attacking on the Calamity Hit people of Gojal through Smugglers and socalled China Traders of his electoral jurisdiction on August 06, 2011 and diverting this attack into relegious roit , attacking on his party Advisor, Musa at CM House, are some of his magnificient record during his three year ministership. Shame of such state of terror.

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