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Bounced Cheques: Contractors protest against GB government

Gilgit: Members of the Contractors Association demonstrating against the GB government

 Our Correspondent

Gilgit, August 8: Angry contractors staged a protest demonstration in Gilgit today, demanding release of funds. The government had given non-cashable cheques worth millions of rupees to hundreds of contractors. When the contractors went to the National Bank, they were told that the government’s account is empty.

The enraged contractors, who carry out different development and non-development supply works for the government, have been protesting against the criminal cheating by the PPP lead government of Gilgit – Baltistan.

The protesters started a rally from the B&R office Konodas and passing through Ghari Bagh reached Khazana Road were they chanted slogans against the government. They were carrying placards.

Today’s protest demonstration was organized by the contractors association.

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  1. according to the banking law..if cheque is return due to insufficient funds..then the holder of cheque can lodge FIR against him,,, Issuing cheque having nil balance is showing PPP govt failure..

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