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Cleanliness issues mar the dammed Hunza River

Gulmit: A pile of garbage floating on the dammed Hunza River. Photos: Aejaz Karim

Our Correspondent

Gulmit, August 14: Piles of rubbish, including bottles, wrappers, plastic bags and packaging material float on surface of the dammed Hunza River.

The local people have requested hoteliers and commuters to not throw garbage in the river

Due to lack of civic sense, as well as littering by commuters, the dammed river is now faced with the problem of pollution.

The local people have appealed to the boat commuters to not throw garbage in the lake.

The locals have also demanded of the district administration to make it mandatory for passenger boats to keep trash cans inside the boats to facilitate the commuters.

They have further asked the administration to take action against hoteliers and shop keepers who throw garbage in the river.

Meanwhile, the local volunteers have vowed to organize a cleanliness campaign to remove the piles of garbage from the river.

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