Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Malik repeats promises of ending GB’s transportation woes

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, August 23: Federal Interior Minister, Senator Rehman Malik, has said that the Gilgit airport will be expanded to accommodate bigger airplanes. He also said that the number of flights operated between Islamabad and Gilgit will be increased to enable more people to travel safely between the two cities.

Traveling has emerged as a major concern for the 2.2 million people of Gilgit – Baltistan, in the wake of three targeted sectarian attacks on the Karakoram Highway and, recently, the Babusar Pass road.

He made the statements while briefing the media today.

He informed the press that the Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan had made three demands on behalf of the affected people which have been accepted. The demands made to the federal government, he said, included provision of police escort to passenger traffic for Gilgit-Baltistan; compensation to the heirs of all those who lost their lives and increase in number of PIA flights to the region.

He also said that an inter-faith harmony conference is being held on 30th day of August.

5 thoughts on “Malik repeats promises of ending GB’s transportation woes

  1. we should condemn killing of anyone based on religion. We should always be safeguard everyone’ lives. we should control fire arms in every province. large cities no one allowed to carry weapons. police should stay alert.I hope we could stop this incident from taking place. people should have discounts thru flights because of the risk involved thru bus transport. there is no security on buses & checking of identity should be looked at very closely.Free way should made secure so incident do not defame pakistan. More security on highways in every province.

  2. Good promise but we shall see how much is fulfilled. Operating more flights, however, is not the real solution to the problem of terrorist killings. The real solution is to catch the miscreants and give them exemplary punishment.

  3. he is talking about only what could be the possible facilities will be provided for the people after incident not giving the solution to find and capture those militants. He is promising to increase flights but what about that they opened C-130 service for only one day. we should do our selfs otherwise depending on Gov is just waste of time and lives.

  4. It very for our Agencies to track down the limited Number of Terrorists in the mountains of Naran/Kagan/Kohistan. They are equipped with Satellite communication System thuraya. It can easily be tracked their Identities by consulting to service provider or other means.

  5. nothing but fooling people again…. statements never helped people to come out of miseries, need action Mr. Minister, which you laCk since your inception as Minister for interior, we hear nothing but tall claims after each disaster… please do not fool us again by expanding Gilgit airport in overnight…

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