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Nawaz Khan Naji lashes out at the GB government again, refuses to apologize

Gilgit: Nawaz Naji addressing a press conference

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Gilgit, May 18: The government is free to do whatever it deems fit. I am being discriminated against. Despite of a lapse of one year my name has not been included in the list of GBLA members present on the official website. Nothing can stop me from spread the message of nationalism in all parts of the region.

These views were expressed by GBLA’s only nationalist member, Nawaz Khan Naji, while talking to media today. He was addressing the media for the very first time after being barred from entering the assembly building two days back. Naji’s entry in the building has been banned on charges of “breach of decorum”. He had torn down a resolution presented by the PPP members in favor of Primer Gilani during the last session, irking the treasury bench members, one of whom verbally abused Naji and hit him with a file cover. The incident had led to an unprecedented uproar in the assembly, in which the Chief Minister had also expressed emotions and anger. Foul language had been used by Naji and Engineer Ismail of the PPP.

Speaker tried to forcefully evict Naji from the assembly with the help of police but deputy speaker and other members intervened to stop the police. The Speaker then banned Naji’s entry in the assembly for one session.

Naji also thrashed the PPP ministers for their extravagance. He said that millions of rupees are being spent on the protocol of ministers and PPP stalwarts while the development process stands still. He also raise the issue of sectarianism and militancy in the region. He said that while the region was going through chaotic situation the PPP members were passing resolutions after resolution in favor of a convicted prime minister.

Naji complained that while the Speaker of GBLA took action against him for using foul language no action was taken against PPP members who started the diatribe.

These harsh remarks from Naji, coupled with tearing down of the resolution, had enraged the PPP Jiyalas who called Naji a traitor and a foreign agent.

Naji, while speaking to media today, said that the propaganda by a special segment of the media and some politicians will not stop him from raising his voice against injustices, corruption and extravagance.

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  1. Nawaz Khan Naji zindaabad this is nationalist we r stand with you against zardari tola and corrupt govt shame for GB assembly members. we face sectarianism and economical crises and GB member to try zardari happy shame shame

  2. great naji we are proud of you we need leaders like naji who love their home land neither pakistani politicians

  3. GA Naji…. Your voice for deprived nation of GB will soon be spread to the hearts of people of the region.
    All youth is standing with you.

  4. –The YOUTH of GB knows that they never married to any Party. They have the courage to say wrong and right, so they own the ideas of the truth speakers.

    –We all are from GB and we should stand on the matters that is in the betterment of GB and this country.

  5. I request to the youth of GB to burn out all the parties flags …no need of Pakistani politicals parties in GB. Hell zardari and Gilani ..and PPP representatives in GB…. Wazir beg must be kick out from the region …people of hunza shame on his attitude …lanaat ho tum or teri iss harkat py … stand GBian stand for ur right

  6. Keep it up Naji, we are all with you. We dont want any party and their Corruption, we only want a leader like who can focus only on the development works in the area. Shame on you Wazir Baig

  7. It is great shocking and heartining that our leaders are not serious about their responsibilities and accountability. They should have moral courage and will power to discriminate between right and wrong. Really I agree with all my colleagues who have mentioned above. the people of GB have not been tighten with any party. we appreciate and respect all such parties and individuals who changed the socio economic change of GB.

    1. We apreciate and salute to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who gave the sense of democracy. If present govt is not following the principles of democracy and has involved in corruption we no need such types of democracy where merit is not followed , Jobs are sold, humane rights are violated, our leaders are insulted.
    2. We appreciate and salute to Retd president Pervaz musharef who spread the net work of development in GB and granted us KIU.
    3. At last but no least we salute and appreciate the efforts of Sharif brorthers( Nawaz sharif & Shehbaz Sharif) who stand by with the people of GB whether that would be Atta Abad diasster or Giyary tragedy. Apart from this they Allocated 40 Doctors seats per year for Gb students in punjab and granted lap top computers for all professional students of GB.

    All this scenario depicts that the GB people have great devotion with all those leaders who are practically leaders of GB.

    Nawaz khan naji is one of our national leader and has right to raise his voice against any corruption or evil. This is the moral duty of house to convince him professionally if all our leaders are ready to stand in favour of corruption in such cases people of Gb as well as the souls of our martyers Col. Mirza hussan khan and Lalik jan would never spare to these leaders. All our leaders need to reflect on their actions and achievements what they have done so far for GB.

    Ali Mehr
    social activist

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