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GB government failed to protect citizens: Wazir Baig

Gulmit: The 9 people killed in an accident were laid to rest in presence of thousands of people three days ago. PT Photo

Gulmit: The 9 people killed in an accident were laid to rest in presence of thousands of people three days ago. PT Photo

Wazir Nasir

Gulmit, August 27: GBLA Speaker Wazir Baig visited Gojal Valley today along with senior PPP officials from Hunza – Nagar. He visited Kamaris and Ghulkin and sympathized with the bereaved families who had lost nine people in a tragic road accident.

Speaking at the occasion he said that the law and order situation in GB is deteriorating with every passing day. He said that the GB government has completely failed to protect the citizens and that he felt embarrassed and appalled at the situation.

He said that he could not visit Nagar valley, Gilgit and Baltistan to offer condolences to the bereaved families because he does not have the courage to face them.

Local people raised issues regarding dearth of health facilities in the region, to which he was unable to offer any immediate solution. However, he promised that funds will be allocated in the next ADP for establishment of a dispensary at Kamaris. He did not answer questions related to appointment of a Medical Officer at the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital.

He said that Chinese laborers and traders related to the Chinese trade, (in which some members of the GBLA are reportedly included),  were involved in smuggling and selling of liquor in the entire region.

5 thoughts on “GB government failed to protect citizens: Wazir Baig

  1. Respected speaker/ Mutabet shah sab,No doubt you are an honest and simple leaders.We also proud on you that we have not smelt corruption nearby to you. But at the same time you should not forget that as a monitor of Leadership and Government if you are silent on mishappenings. It is astonished to know that you have mentioned that GB government has failed. In our perception You and Mutabat shah are our government. The administration is there to support you and ensure the implementations of your plans and programmes. If the system is not in placed at that time you need to mentor them through professional approach.Your goodself with the collaboration of CM, Governor and Chief secretary can ensure smooth functioning and operations of all institutions government, semi Government or Private. All these instititution should have their own code of conduct which aim to strengthened and supplement the peace and tranquality as well as Government efforts in Area development.Sorry to say that good governance is considered a key indicator for a reform society, But the question arises here is that leadership could not ensure the implementation of Governance as well. Good governance is very far from us as in good governance accountability, transparency, access to basic services( Like food,water,health & education) by marginalized group, Equity and equality,rule of
    law, efficiency auditing,proper utilization of available resources, responsiveness, finance management and elimination of corruption. these are key indicators of development of Good governance. We need to reflect on our own actions to what extent these qualities we have and our institutions have. If not how can we incorporate these characterstics in our institutions behaviour. During a social survey a Director who was grade 18 told me that This is pakistan and you are mentioning the tips like switzerland. I was surprised to listen this comment that who has stopped us to follow the basic principles of good governance.Frankly I want to say that for a good reform society we have to challange our many routines like
    1. to avoid and discourage the violation of basic human rights
    2. Rely on excellence ( To do things on merit)
    3. To develop a code of conduct for all employees of GB where it does not exist.
    4.To select and develop having strategic vision type
    5.To respect and own the values and culture of all people related to GB as well as country level.

    Speaker sab, These were some words for your and your colleagues food for thought. If we all responsible persons would analalyz ourself and challange our routines we can play a good role in forming a reform society.
    Ali mehr
    Social activist

  2. Ali Mehr, please stop teaching these old guns which have rusted long time ago. They are not going to improve any more, and listen to us.

    We, the masses, are fools who have blindly got them elected even knowing that these old horses already lost the vigor, energy, enthusiasm and a mission to serve the masses. Instead, if we had voted for young, educated individuals irrespective of the area they belong, faith and tribe, we would have certainly got much better results.

    In one way they are openly confessing their inability to deliver what they had promised to us, and yet sticking to their posts. What a hypocrisy it is! Both MP’s are the most educated and experienced jialas in the sent set-up of the GB govt. I still remember how one of them had been badly beaten (almost killed) at the hands of bodyguards of Mir Jamal Khan when ZAB visited Karimbad first time in early 1970s, and now he’s reaping the price of that incident. If they are so sincere to the area, they should not adopt VIP culture and waste money supposedly spent on social development projects in their respective constituencies, and live like an ordinary person – the very essence of a true democratic leader. I expect this because we have the highest literacy rate and awareness of democracy than other people in the GB.

  3. Our problems one way or other are linked with money. It is shortage of funds, misuse of funds or simple waste due to lack of skill [ rare cases but there are few ] of so-called honest / clean people.

    All these people giving long lecture ask them if state security will be affected if we know how much money is being spent? We do not want the crap budget figures, rather as and when funds are spent for what ever purpose let us know on monthly basis how much was paid to whom and for what. They have this statement made by accounts monthly basis just make it public.

    Let us follow the money, in few months we will know what is happening and then we can raise voice to fix the problem not protest after the problem is there. If we can follow the money then we need not ask ” He did not answer questions related to appointment of a Medical Officer at the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital” why there is no MO in Tehsil Hospital.

    It is after all public money so we must know when it is being spent in our name.

    Demand to make the flow of money transparent other problems will start getting fixed, ignore this then be prepared to wait for another thirty years.
    Take your pick!

  4. Nations sink when they choose wrong leaders. So 0ur boat in the ocean has capsized. May allah be with us all. We have to swim all by ourselves to reach the shores. No one is serious in helping us out. They are so selfish and have ridiculed the layman and have no sympathies with whats going on. A political statment of Wazir Baig cannot win the sympathies of the people. This is just a kick in the already shattered hopes of the people of our area. It is the high time for people of our area to come forward and play our own way. Nothing is going to influence our hounds.


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