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Youth demand an end to sectarianism and militancy

The youth belonged to all faiths and political orientations
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Islamabad: A group of youth representing Pakistan Youth Alliance, Gilgit – Baltistan Volunteers Movement, MSF, BNSO, PSF, Hazara Students Federation and some other organization staged a protest demonstration in front of the Parliament House today in the federal capital.
Participants were carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans against sectarianism and lack of justice.Speakers urged the common people to step up and speak for the innocent people who are being killed by terrorists because of their religious ideologies and beliefs. The speakers also said that militants and extremists can never be friends of Pakistan and the Pakistani people.

The speakers also said that Pakistan is a pluralist country by nature and composition. They urged the law enforcing agencies, judiciary, the administration and the politicians to take measures to block the scourge of militancy and sectarian killings.
The youth wearing white shirts stained with red color laid down on the Jinnah Avenue to depict the vulnerability of all the people, irrespective of their faith

The killing of innocent people, irrespective of their faith and ideologies, is a crime against the state and the government should establish its writ by bringing the killers to justice, a speaker said.

The people of Pakistan should stop double standards, said another speaker. He said that killers and terrorists do not represent faiths and religious groups and the common people should condemn violence in the name of God, with full force.

The participants of the rally walked on the Jinnah avenue and staged a sit-in in middle of the road. Wearing white t-shirts stained with red color to symbolize blood, the protesters said that if urgent action is not taken then anybody and everybody can fall prey to the menace of militancy and sectarianism.


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  1. I really appreciate the efforts of youth embarking for integration at GB level. My humble suggestion would be that we cannot expect from others to look after our home properly. thus GB as well as our beloved pakistan is our home. we have to work for its protection. First of all at GB level form a task force committee comprising on diverse ethenic group of GB for creating harmony and integration. Through this GB group commounity can be sensitize in their own district. If internally we would be molded in to one organ external conspirancies can not be too much successful. Whoever lives in GB his life and property should be protected by us internally. If we do not discourage the hateness created at muhallah level how can we expects from others to creat harmony. Please continue your efforts for creating unity and harmony in GB and keep close liasion with our religious leaders for achieving your target which is the also target of well wishers of GB. The great souls of our Maryers late Col. Mirza Hussan Khan nd Lalik jan would never spare to us If we would not put the water of our part to extinguish the fire which has been set in our home land as well as in our heaven land GB.

  2. i think such steps r good but protests and rallys r not the final solution . 4 sustainable peace in GB ,the real culprts and miscrients who miss guided and brainwashed the youth should be first arrested and brought to justice and should find 4rm them which forces r behind them .to destroy the peace in the region local miscriants have accessed to different banned hardcore outfilts 4 more terror attacks which is a very dangerous 4 our future and next generation. we should have proper plane to control the situation right now and should uproot this evils 4rm our society otherwise it will be too late……………

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